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365 Days

The message was illuminated: "You must watch" 365 Days "you can’t image how trash is," wrote a person on Facebook. Thanks to this and to the fact that the news reports that this film is among the most viewed worldwide on "Netflix", I decided to watch it. Indeed, at the trash level, it has everything it need.
A couple of "institutional" news first of all, the film is taken from the first book of a trilogy written by the Polish Blanka Lipińska, who had the idea during a trip to Sicily and who said she did not appreciate the "Fifty Shades" although watching the film, we are dealing with a kind of variant. In an interview, the author also says that in her books the woman is the woman and the man is the man. Keep this in mind.
The direction is entrusted to two Polish Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes, without much experience (to see IMDB but the film itself is enough to understand it) and Polish cast, with some Italians, in which Michele Morrone stands out after several appearances in TV Series and film, reaches the headlines thanks to this role, like the female counterpart, the icy Anna Maria Sieklucka. Only because they are beautiful, certainly not for their skill. Among other things, Morrone composes and plays some tracks of the soundtrack. However is down in history because he is handsome.
Having written this, I have to deal with the film and therefore remember everything I saw. And my eyes and ears hurt. Since I am a good persons, I want to find a value for "365 Days" and I must say that it is an excellent spot for Italy for tourism from abroad, especially Sicily, where most of the history takes place, taken and photographed in glam and exclusive way.
"365 Days" is also a spot for the return of the Latin macho in great shape, if you are interested.
Latin male at the centre of this erotic and crime story where the erotic scenes recall the films of the seventies in a censored version, with cut images and actors that show all the fiction. Yes, of course we see boobs, muscles and asses repeatedly, because here they often fuck and make us understand that they also love oral sex, but honestly nothing so hot. And above all, credible.
The crime side instead is represented in the first instance by Massimo (Michele Morrone) young boss (ops ... he calls himself more elegantly gangster) who inherits the family empire after the murder of his father (Giovanni Parisi, Gerlando Levante in "Gomorra", among many things) which opposes child trafficking. Massimo more than a mobster looks like a Fabrizio Corona who reach the success and who appreciates Gianluca Vacchi. Muscolar, tattooed, always pissed off, with his shirt unbuttoned, which he loves to put on for unknown business and for parties and travels where he arrives aboard his private jet or on luxury cars.
However the best is yet to come. Massimo wounded during the murder of his father has a vision in which a stranger appears and is Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka). Among other things, some years after, one day she is on holiday in Sicily with friends and a boor boyfriend who is the slim version of Helsinki of "La Casa di Carta". Massimo meets her by chance and instead of courting her kidnaps her. Yes, he kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Here born the erotic game like "Fifty Shades" but with him holding the situations and she who instead of running away, suffers everything and suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and starts playing too. And they fuck. Everywhere. They do it between absurd dialogues and a constant heterogeneous and very annoying soundtrack that we hear, who know why, at the end of each dialogue.
A reality show direction, gives us noteworthy trash abundance, combined with an interpretation that re-evaluates, many worst movies.
The strange thing, in a historical period like this, is to see a huge machismo, the woman object that often suffers. Something that almost sounds like an act of rebellion.
This is a film that can be summarized with the slogan of an old Italian advertisement that said “Per l’uomo che non deve chiedere mai” (literally “For the man who must not ask too much” was the Italian slogan of Denim in 80’s, in English was "For the man who doesn’t have try too hard").
I also feel close to this phrase. I would never have asked to see this movie. They suggested it to me and unfortunately the other two chapters will also arrive.