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The Rain

I like to think that the authors of “The Rain” have read my review of the second series. I like to think so, but of course they didn’t, but in any case they fix a series that become a teenage soap opera. Because “The Rain”, number three, the last season ever, puts the affairs and love problems of the youngest (which are not entirely lacking) in the background to give us six episodes full of situations that lead to the conclusion of the story.
A few chatter, a lot of action and twists, with an all in all sensible ending, a new beginning for mankind.
Of course, as with many other apocalyptic series, the well-known news events of this year help the vision especially if we find ourselves in a happy ending that instils hope. But that's okay.
We find the brigade of the Danish exactly where we left, trying to solve the known problems with this strange virus. Rasmus instead, patient zero, so to speak, is barricaded in the headquarters of Apollon, the bad company on duty, in which he is a sort of guru, while his former companions try in every way to save him. Rasmus has gone over to the Apollon side and the attempts of his sister Simone are useless, who, to escape the Apollon soldiers, throws herself off a bridge and finds herself grappling with a family that has found a way to defeat the virus . Meanwhile, Rasmus sets up his plan: to infect mankind to create a new race and make it immune / carrier of the virus. But let's remember: there is always his sister out there.
It’s not afraid to dare this "The Rain", not afraid of killing well-known and loved characters and of upsetting the order seen previously. Of course, some paradoxical situations are not lacking, as well as some useless characters that inevitably remain in history, but everything is enjoyable and the usual excellent special effects, together with Danish actresses and actors on the launch pad, close the circle
recovering a series that seemed carried away by the rain.