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The lustful vicar
The original title, which I only write once because it's difficult for us, is "Kyrkoherden", simply "The Vicar", a film labelled as a comic, which opens with a naked woman accused of witchcraft who is thrown into the water and later put at the stake. If immediately afterwards there wasn't the singer-songwriter and comedian Cornelis Vreeswijk who is the narrator playing the guitar very often on stage (in the same way as “There's Something About Mary”) I could say that I don't understand Swedish comedy.
Don’t worry, the film does not, actually, make you laugh, but soon this obscure work from 1970 shows its characteristics, that is, low-cut dresses, boobs, asses and naked bodies of the many girls present ready to have sex with the vicar. An Italian might say "Did you see that those rumours about Swedes are true?" and he would be right, even if we are in a well-kept and cleverly set up 1812 and not in the seventies. Cleverly set up, because the budget is clearly poor and the director places the scenes between woods and farms, barrels and boobs (sorry I already said that). In front of the camera of Torgny Wickman who also writes the screenplay inspired by a short story by Bengt Anderberg, there is a cast known at home.
The story tells of an erotic revenge, which has as protagonists the daughter of the witch burned at the stake and the son of the vicar who condemned her. The young heir is the new vicar of a small village where, as mentioned, the girls are all very helpful and little dressed.
One day he wakes up with an erection, which he does not want to go down, just a few hours before the meeting with the bishop. The many merciful women of the village try to help him in ways you can imagine. One after the other.
It is actually a curse (oh well, so to speak) launched by the witch's daughter, which runs out of the central core of the story in thirty minutes, leaving the remaining hour the task of finding a way to get by, adding situations very tight.
An unpretentious little film, which frankly I don't remember where I found it and why I had it. It is credited with a curated production, some interesting actresses and a nice little music.