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Ruthless critics, Razzie Awards won as if it were raining. Let me disagree: what did you expect from a film that takes up a trashy series famous for the tits and muscles of the protagonists? At this moment a slow motion race should appear in front of you. Apart from this, despite being, in fact, the film by Seth Gordon, an absurd and unwatchable stuff manages to pay homage to the series by also making a certain irony that recalls, in a less brilliant way, the same way the film of "Starsky & Hutch ".
At the end, this 2017 film is 100% "Baywatch". Lifeguards, unlikely moments of danger and an equally unlikely central narrative line.
David Hasseloff is no longer Mitch Buchannon but appears as a "vision" to the new and very muscular Mitch, played by Dwayne Johnsson. An obvious change of interpreter that all in all works, like that of Zac Efron in the role of the new and always rebellious Matt Brody. Alexandra Daddario is the new Summer who has an affair with Matt. So far so good, but it was difficult to replace Pamela Anderson (who appears in a cameo at the end of the film) and Kelly Rohrbach, model of Sport Illustrated, does not have an ounce of charm of the icon of the nineties.
Once the examination of boobs and muscles is over, it is time to talk about the story, that is the excuse that justifies the creation of this work. As mentioned, this hideous b movie pays well homage to the series  and begins with Mitch grappling with the recruitment of new Baywatches who fatigue themselves in one of those trials that seem more like a war path than anything else. Between a quarrel with Matt and another there are moments of rescue which put a strain on not the lifeguards, but the rules of physics. To this must be added a plan of the villain of the moment that is unmasked by our heroes.
The irony, as written above, takes a big toll, with the teasing of the characters themselves and the famous slow motion race.
A dip in a sea of ​​trash more than ever apt.