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Class Of Nuke 'Em High

"readin ... writing and radiation"

Talk about ecology and say no to nuclear power! We agree. We listen yours reasons but we like much the the variation on the theme of Troma.Do not be upset, but the vision of Kaufmann & Co. is really great. Certainly it's a matter of taste and Troma us as ever its own language: boobs, blood and body parts smashed, the full style that we know, but the message comes loud and clear, more than many other serious talk.

The combination Troma/Nuclear power is not new and it's needless to mention the legendary "Toxic Avenger".But if Toxie was only partly a "green hero", being chiefly a satire against the superheroes, "Class Of Nuke 'Em High" it's entirety "no nukes" movie. To this must be added to the eerie coincidence of dates with the Chernobyl disaster. Consider the case: the film was released for the first time in February 1986 and May of that year it arrived at the Cannes Film Festival, that is, before and immediately after the nuclear accident.

Apart from this strange case, the film following the logn wave or rather the toxic cloud of the troma's hero par excellence, and the infallible duo Kaufmann & Herz assisted by Richard W. Haines creates a funny story that rightly become a "Cult".

We are in Tromaville, of course!, and the capital of the toxic waste also shows us its nuclear power station built next to the high-school. Safe and nuclear energy do not always get along and the usual flaw in the system, contaminates the school, which the alumns change its behaviors and characteristics.
The power plant operators and the politicians as ever minimize  but the truth is another. The best alumns of the school become a gang of bullies "The Cretins", and among other things they became dealers of a special marjuana grown in the power plant and sold at a very high price as "atomic buzz." But there aren't only they, with their violent manner, but there is also a monster vomited by a student aand finished in the basement to soak in toxic wastes

To try to put a piece in all this mess there Warren the blond hero. He is diametrically opposed by Melvin, he is handsome  a look good a little for' Happy Days'. He with the power of love, but also due to a slight contamination, beat the bad guys.

If one doesn't see the first few minutes with the classic Troma's intro with the  skyline of New York, would be able to recognize  who is behind this movie. The mark of those crazy New Jersey company is so obvious as are the echoes of "Toxic Avenger" as well as in the present subjects, even in different situations. A guy who flies out the window, in the same way Melvin eg or the vengeful walking of  Warren contaminated by a radioactive reefer.

The realization is minimal and frantic, the music is almost everywhere, but with less nudity than other movies but with the usual high-dose of dementia.

Apart from the style, definitely a bit 'special, Class Of Nuke 'Em High" is an excellent satire on society, politicians and power plant manager, always ready to minimize the consequences of rubbing happened. A splatter in the service of a profound message.

Is a movies the must be see againand reevaluate especially considering what happened in Japan. "Class Of Nuke 'Em High" has generated two sequels that did not have the same success. The first in 1991 titled "Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown"directed by Eric Louzil and Jackson Donald on Kaufman  subject and the second of the 1994 "Class of Nuke' Em High 3: The Good, the Bad And The Subhumanoid "always by Louzil.