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The Wizard Of Gore


I am Montag, master of illusion! The fire of the laws of reason! A magician if you will. But then... what is a magician? A person who tears asunder your rules of logic and crumbles your world of reality so you can go home and say: "Oh what clever tricks he has. What a sly deceiver"... and go to sleep in the security of your own, real world.

We try hard  to understand at least a little ' about this movie.
And maybe the right thing is to not to try to understand, get carried away by the events, remaing
suspended, on the border between illusion and reality and between a masterpiece and a very trash movie.
There is everything in this totem by Herschell Gordon Lewis, starting with the fact that it represents a return to the splatter and gore genre , after a break in which he direct movies for children. There is also a disaffection of the same director , inventor of the genre, to this his famous movie, it's not hate, but a detachment due to the fact that things did n't go as he would have liked because of a limited budget.
But "The Wizard Of Gore" has a place in film history and even has a remake of the 2007 but it's an horrible, boring terrible movie that has  a beautiful and surreal basic story.
Herschell Gordon Lewis, budget or not, doesn't change his way to making movies putting in front of the camera, very poor actors and telling the story very slowly. . To this, due to the budget he adds a number of tremendous bloody and gore effects, moments, however, that, in some sporadic cases reach the tgoal.
The fascinating theme starts with the "Grand Guignol" and with the morbid desire of blood of the audience. Two things conveyed by the illusionist "Montag the Magnificent" a famous artist, followed by a big audience that fills the theaters to see him at work in his great illusions in which he literally sliced ​​many volunteers, and then he return them to normal life as if nothing happened.
But a few days later the women die. Two journalists investigating the case, Sherry a TV presenter and her fiance Jack, aided by other colleagues.
All suspect are on Montag (oh what intuition!) but in the meantime he goes on as if nothing had happened using  a considerable magnetism on people and on the two investigators, overlapping the illusion and reality.
Do not think that then you find out exactly what's behind the story of Montag , because it's not, everything is suspended, indeed, is more complicated with an ending that touches the top of absurdity and nonsense.
Masterpiece? Trash? It's up to you, but it's an important chapter of cinema a thick head movie, but not headache.


Fact Sheet

Original title: The Wizard Of Gore

Alternative Titles : House of Torture

Year: 1970

Country: USA

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Cast: Ray Sager , Judy Cler , Wayne Ratay , Phil Laurenson , Jim Rau , Don Alexander , John Elliot

Duration : 95 '

Production House : Mayflower Pictures