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Adamo Ed Eva La Prima Storia D'Amore

These were the years of " The Blue Lagoon" and "Paradise" and teenagers dreamed about the first amorous adventures in a place away from everyone, with Brooke Shields or Phoebe Cates or Christopher Atkins and William Aames according to taste. Two incredible successes (for two bad movies) that brings the usual clever Italian to follow the footsteps.

So Enzo Doria and Luigi Russo created in 1983 " Adamo ed Eva La prima storia d’amore" with already in the title the idea of two young, inexperienced young who learn all about sex and love.

The two directors doesn’t set the story in a island or in the desert, but they try the way of the religious allegory to which they add large doses of adventure, action and eroticism less strong than the two mainstream movies.
The two protagonists are also two actors who had a career full of legends and fantasy. Mark Gregory, Marco Di Gregorio, as Adam here, was the protagonist for less than a decade of so many action Italians movies see, e.g., " 1990: Bronx Warriors " and " Escape From The Bronx " and Andrea Goldman who plays Eva in her only film before disappear into nothing.. With them, for the record, Angel Alcazar, Spanish actor who starred in several TV series in his country.

Returning to our heroes, the two find themselves involved in a film that has a good photography and an interesting idea that would imprint the relationship of the two protagonists in terms of quarrels between husband and wife. But it doesn’t work, who know if are the actors or the script, but no one really believes and everything is thrown away, creating the opposite effect, of banal and obvious dialogues, which definitely bored. There are not many dialogues here to be honest, since the creation of Adam, then Eve's and the expulsion from Eden with the snake, which is the first comic relief.

On earth, after about twenty minutes of the film, the two quarrels separate and face a series of unlikely primitive tribes with monkey costumes, bear or that are painted green, in very fake battles. One of the tribe in green, certainly more evolved, manages to fall in love with Eva and apparently lead her to try new experiences. Adam jealous is able to regain his lovely, to save himself, by sheer luck, by glaciations and also by the immediate melting of ice.
Eventually, the two have a baby whose birth is a special effect that is not seen even in the “educational."

Technical Specifications

Original title: Adam and Eve , The First Love Story

Alternative Titles : Adam and Eve (Australia) , Adam y Eva , la primera historia de amor (Spain) , Blue Paradise (UK) , Den blå Øya (Norway) , Adão and Eva (Portugal ), Adam and Eve , Adam and Eve Cannibals vs. (USA ), Adam and Eve : The First Love Story ( literal translation )

Country: Italy , Spain

Directed by: Enzo Doria , Luigi Russo

Cast: Mark Gregory , Andrew Goldman , Angel Alcazar, Constantino Rossi, Pierangelo Pozzato , Vito Fornari, Liliana Gerace, Andrea Aureli

Production House : Alex Film International

Duration: 91 '