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Plot Of Fear

We must say sorry. For this review. We would have wanted to write something different about this movie. We would have wanted to be original as always we try and avoid writing that this is a "different thriller", "a different crime movie" and director Paolo Cavara take distances from his former movies especially "Mondo Cane". We would. But there aren't other words to describe this 1976 movie because this is the right and the only description. It's a different movie. 

To this must be added the great Cavara's effort and skills in seeking a new way of telling a story. We are facing a very interesting thriller that changes the dynamics and structures of the genre and has the only fault to seek a too bizarre ending. 

Center and symbol of this experiment is the character of Gaspare Lomenzo, the young commissioner played by Michele Placido, who unlike his "colleagues" is not a merciless avenger, but he has some doubts and he looks with curiosity and a shred of admiration the "other side". 

A normal guy, who works is a Commissioner and at his side, slyly, he finds, is none other than the beautiful Corinne Clery already famous for "Histoire d'O" and with her elegant beauty satisfies the male audience. 

Around them develop a eventful plot in which Lomenzo investigate a series of murders that have as victims a group of wealthy members of a club that is the cover of the classic human perversions. 

The solution as mentioned above is very intellectual but unexpected. With some irony moments "Plot Of Fear" is a good movie, with a good cinematography and an equally good soundtrack. In the game of the references we can see an homage to the "The Lady From Shanghai" by Welles and a porn cartoon by Gibba whose real name is Francesco Guido well-known cartoonist. 

John Steiner, Tom Skerritt and Eli Wallach complete the excellent cast of this second thriller by Cavara who follow several years after, "The Black Belly of the Tarantula" Yes, another of those news that everyone writes. And we aren't different.

Technical Specifications 

Original Title: ... E Tanta Paura

Alternative Titles: Terror infinite (Spain), Bloody Peanuts (Sweden), Plot of Fear (USA), 45 Magnum (Germany) Plot of Fear (International) 

Year: 1976 

Directed by: Paul Cavara 

Country: Italy 

Cast: Corinne Clery, Michele Placido, Quinto Parmeggiani, Edward Faieta, John Steiner, Tom Skerritt, Eli Wallach 

Duration: 98 '

Production company: Film Production Centre City of Milan, GPE Ente