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The Super Inframan

We all know that in Asia are really though. First scene: a coach with many children sings a song about a bird to be catch. Then it fall a huge winged monster on the road and opened a chasm. They are safe, but it’s only the beginning of a pyrotechnic movie that knows no pause, a movie that is a long series of actions, fights and various types of monsters
The "Shaw Brothers", a guarantee of a certain cinema, are those who are behind it and study well every move. Let's start with "Ultraman" a Japanese superhero that is in Asia a great success of the wealthy family of Asian monsters and those who fight against them.
As always born copies, more or less a decent and one day arrives Inframan. Production of Hong Kong to China's first superhero, directed by Shan Hua. "The super Inframan" doesn’t stop to take ideas from other films, but give a role, albeit marginally, to Bruce Le the most famous surrogate of Bruce Lee and star of Bruceploitation here calls himself Xiao Long i.e. small dragon, the nickname the legendary Lee just to confuse and catch a bit 'of audience.
The main protagonist is another Lee, Danny, an Asian film star who here takes the first great success of a career that apart from see him (like many others) as Bruce substitute, brought him great success in many genres and a ' activity as a producer and partly as a director.
Like all films of this kind even here there is someone who wants to conquer the land. This is the Elzebub Princess (which in the English version becomes Princess Dragon Mom) that with an army of monsters trying to overwhelm the human race.
But there is Professor Chang, played by Hsieh Wang other superstars of Asian cinema, which in his super lab converts the handsome Rayma in Inframan a bionic superhero by the great powers.
After an initial sweep of the bad, the princess manages to steal some secrets of Inframan, but again Chang manages to modify his creation and Inframan saves humanity to the sound of kicks and punches.
A very good film, fun and without pauses for about half gives almost exclusively scenes of martial arts. Shan Hua runs with the right hand this crazy adventure that makes great display of foam monsters, city models, several explosions colored lights, scenarios reconstructed in the studio and very catchy music. An unmissable cult.