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Fair  Game

Australia's charm hit the world. Again. "Fair Game" would be a violent "B movie” in comic style, nothing else. It becomes a small cult movie so disruptive to "intimidate" the director who after this movie turns in other subjects. Mario Andreacchio today is a popular Australian director, best known for films for children.
In his career, he can experiment with different genres, which include this ozploitation without much expectation.
A story that takes vague inspiration from "Mad Max" and who, despite criticism for misogyny, has as main character a successful woman.
The success of this film is probably due to the setting, rather than a story that did keep the promises neither the title nor those of the slogan on the poster. Because "Fair Game" does not have the violence of raw exploitation movie, have not the eroticism of sexploitation and even the harsh revenge of a "rape and revenge" (which we vaguely reading the synopsis expected).
"Fair Game" is an animal-rights story, struggle, and stoic war, among the usual group of villains and the protagonist, beautiful and fearless.
The result, despite the denials expectations, it is more than pleasant and turns this film into a fun action movie.
We are in the Outback where Jessica (Cassandra Delaney) manages a nature park in which she takes care of the many species of the place.
But one day, when rescuing a wounded kangaroo, runs into a trio of hunters traveling on a bizarre off-road, with whom she star the classic discussion. The three begin to follow and harass Jessica (which also sleeps naked in a small house with open windows ...) and to kill animals. Jessica slowly and laboriously tries to set up a vengeance. It is not easy but after some violence (they bind her for example on the hood of the car) she complete her mission.
And among the dust and kangaroos' "Ozploitation" brings home another curious episode.