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The Sexplorer
The aliens, or rather the female aliens who come here to study us, will normally land somewhere in a sunny place or at least in the United States.
So a Venusian who already appears naked after the first few minutes and ends in Soho already has all our sympathy. Then, without compliments, she starts to turn around without clothes, starting with a gym where everybody is doing naked activities, massage naked and it is clear that they do something else.
The Venusian that is simply called Explorer is interpreted by German-born Monika Ringwald famous erotic model and actress of English sexploitation, which immediately wins all our attention and esteem. She accompanies us in a very bad B Movie, shot with evident poor budget, but thanks to the British humour it reach a place of honour on the list of "Scult", also thanks, to be honest, to the fact that Quentin Tarantino 'would have indicated it as one of his favourite b movies.
Helps from Quentin or not, "The Sexplorer" better known with the international title "Girl from starship Venus" is a funny movie with a good "sit-com" main soundtrack, and with a voiceover (the alien chief) that guides the protagonist that underlines the hot adventures in which Explorer ends.
Little time for the words, in just twenty minutes we find the protagonist, after the aforementioned gym, in a porn shop, in a toilet for men, in a porn cinema, where she always generates embarrassing situations, (especially in the cinema where it ends up doing oral sex to one of the usual maniacs who frequented those cinemas).
Then after this hot and fast start (fast for the times), the film slows down a bit, giving Explorer the opportunity to analyse the most common things on our planet. A few moments thought to lengthen the minutes (like the stripteases in a club) and again comedy/sexy moments, with the protagonist who finally tries the "wonderful sensation" and abandons the mission moving to London, despite the alien boss tries to recall her to the duty.
A trash movie at the right point that gives funny moments as well as a beautiful protagonist and some important shoulder actors. Direction and screenplay by Derek Ford, a director with a bizarre history at the right point, famous for several films of British sexploitation such as "The Wife Swappers" or "Diversion". Films almost all shot between London and Essex with additions, sometimes, of hard scenes for the European market, directed by the same Ford with the help of his wife. Ford has also worked for Italian productions as "Forbidden Erotic", credited four hands, with the "legendary" Luigi Batzella, before trying to enter the world of European horror and especially a more mainstream cinema.
After leaving the world of cinema, Ford dedicated himself to writing in the early nineties, publishing two novels set in the world of cinema and leaving a third book unfinished.