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The Rain
It is raining virus! The apocalypse arrives in Denmark and also involves part of Sweden, in a series that is one of the big news of the last month. We are in the first Danish "Netflix’s" production (which continues with an opening to new proposals really interesting) and probably in the first post-nuke set there. In fact, Denmark and Scandinavia, in general, have given us in recent years several interesting thriller series, but never, if we remember well something about the apocalypse. So the question "The Rain" gets interesting, even if the graves are full  post-nuke and this thing triggers the alarm to be in front of an already (extra) seen. And unfortunately, the first minutes of the first episode do not leave us thinking of anything good. Denmark, highway. Bad weather and an apparent cheerful little family composed of mum, dad, two sons (Rasmus the male and Simone the female) travels without worries until the father played by Lars Simonsen (formerly a psychopath in "Bron / Broen" and therefore identifiable as bad potential) launches the rain alarm. Then he took his family in a bunker not far from the road and forces them to close in, while he, a scientist of a corporation called "Apollon" tries to solve the situation. The mother dies quickly, because she ends up under the water that is obviously contaminated and already you can imagine that she wake up and start to make the zombie biting right and left...well you know. The children, we can think, come out of there and start to goes around the world, with the father looking for them. And no. It's not like that. The father does not come back and they stay there for some years before going out and discover an unrecognizable world. Well, very well, there are no zombies, the father savior of the country has disappeared and everything becomes interesting. Then as them are talking about apocalypse and do a series in a bunker is not very recommended the two boys start to turn the desolate lands and meet the usual groups of survivors. There is no Negan as there is no Rick who decides for all and it seems that education and the Nordic order rules the new world. For a bit no one gets hurt, just some glare and then everything is settled. But then the Nordics also get angry and are ready to kill for some food. Rasmus and his sister join a group of boys slightly older than themselves, where the leader is a former mechanic who shoots with a rifle and is very democratic. Here "The Rain" begins to oscillate a bit, taking a post-adolescent way and mixing survival with the jealousies and problems of the group. They fall in love, they leave each other and one reflects on being alone in the world. With these turns that touch the romantic dramas, we approach the highlight of the season and above all discover that the bad guys are the managers of the company a sort of "Umbrella" that unleashed the chaos that seeks to solve with foreign mercenaries who do cleaning in the affected areas. Soldiers who, for some reason, alternate good manners with massacres. The father of Rasmus and Simone confirms to be a bad potential or at least a type a bit 'poised between good and evil, reappearing in the last episodes that are too paradoxical and diminish the good start of the series.
Between lights and shadows, or better, rain and sun, "The Rain" passes the test without being a masterpiece It is able to stay out for a good part of the already seen and shows a good direction, good cinematography and excellent special effects (see Copenhagen devastated), without forgetting the excellent performance of the actors.