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Trick or Treat
Ozzy Osbourne makes a cameo. As well Gene Simmons. The film opens with posters of heavy metal bands, a turntable and music that is part of an excellent soundtrack. A nerd who then will be the (anti) hero, fan of a certain Sammi Curr, bullied by the usual hyper cool idiots. Hey! This is the birth of a cult horror, which is still a pleasant sight. A tribute to the heavy metal movement of the time, which takes all the stereotypes of the case and the legend of the messages hidden in the records.
Charles Martin Smith's debut film alternating actor's career with that of director, "Trick or Treat" plays a lot with the setting mixing infernal scenes and moments of cheerful American community, but giving us not too much blood and even few tits ( that in a film of this kind them are always fine). A narrative, perhaps a little slow for the time, clings to the musical moments, where the music of the devil takes the story by hand and creates an unmissable and adorable cult.
Devil and heavy metal are always in love isn’t? And so we have Sammi Curr (played by Tony Fields who died very young) rockstar controversial and hated by the media. He is the idol of Eddie (Marc Price of "Family Ties"), a kidnapped and bullied boy, who sees in rockstar the only opportunity for revenge.
But Sammi dies one day in a fire, leaving an unrealesed record. The album ends up in the hands of Eddie, thanks to Dj Nuke (Gene Simmons who was supposed to be Sammi but who preferred to pay homage to Wolfman Jack). Played backwards, the album teaches Eddie how to take revenge on all the abuses suffered by his mates.
Well, for a while, Eddie likes it, but slowly realizes that Sammi's ideas are a little bit bloody and he tries to stop everything. He can’t. The record changes hands and is the soundtrack of the school's Halloween party, where Sammi returns to the stage and electrifies quite a few students.
It is then up to Eddie himself to rescue his companions.
Soundtrack by the “Fastway”, Eddie "Fast" Clarke’s band former Motorhead guitarist, who has collaborated with famous names.
And then there's Ozzy. Good, dear old, Ozzy who plays a reverend who criticizes the new music. Fun, electrifying as everything.