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The haunting of hill house
I like to follow the tabloids’ social profile like "Cronaca Vera" or the "Sun". All those fucking titles drive me crazy, even if the golden years of devils get pregnant women and naughty ghosts seem to have passed.
Well, one day my eye falls on a "Sun" article that said “fans have claimed that The Haunting of Hill House is so scary they're passing out”, referring to the TV series "Netflix" "The Haunting of hill house ". People who do not sleep people who vomit after watching it.
And what is it? –So says the "Sun" and we can trust (oh well) and then with the expectation of seeing yet another horror trash serie, I start watching "The Haunting of the Hill House". At the end I have to thank the "Sun" for introducing me to this exciting and frightening serie.
Mike Flanagan, formerly the director and author of "Netflix", has always been in the world of horror, and he hands the book of the same name by Shirley Jackson, writing and also directing all the episodes. Unlike what he done for the "Game of Gerald", Flanagan takes a completely different path from the original one. It holds the "haunted house", the elegance and various double meanings, but it changes all the protagonists.
In the early nineties the Crain family moved into a huge house, with the aim of restoring and selling it. Hugh and Olivia (Timoty Hutton / Henry Thomas and Carla Cugino), architects / builders, are the parents of five children, two boys (Steven and Luke) and three girls (Shirley, Theodora and Eleonor). Life in the house, however, already t subject of stories of t terror in the town, is not simple, children feel strange presences, and they see ghosts and monsters. One day then Olivia dies and Hugh runs away from the house with his children, who then grow up with their aunt.
A tragic period that, however, is not part of the past and has left several situations to be closed, which suddenly reopen today as a result of a tragic event.
Now grown children live in their own way with what happened in the past. Steven is a famous horror writer, Luke is a drug addicted, Shirley works in a funeral home with her husband, Theodora is a child psychologist with paranormal powers and Eleonor is married to a sleep therapist.
The Crain come back to confront their ghosts. Ghosts in the supernatural sense of the term, with the presences that have never abandoned them and ghosts in a figurative sense, with many things of the Crain family to be solved and understood (starting from the death of the mother).
A compelling narrative (but not always easy to follow) alternates flashbacks to the present, combining remarkable horror points very well done, revealing episode in episode all the terrible mysteries.
The horror aspect is still a secondary aspect, on which Flanagan seems to focus only on the second beat. Yes, of course, the monsters are there, they are well made and scary (as the "Sun" says) but it is all the psychological outline that is king and frightens more.
Flanagan is good at avoiding all the fearsome clichés of horror, albeit using some classic schemes, with a clear passion for King's style. It gives us a lot of elegance, excellent photography and effective special effects, which are well combined with intense, scary and well-played characters.
No doubt, this is one of the best horror series of recent times, also crowned by Stephen King. Sweet dreams honey!