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Venni vidi e m'arrapaoh

As "La boum", smells of the flame farts of Alvaro Vitali. That is a trash work, of incredible quality, unfortunately little considered. From the title, which recalls another work of vital importance (and it is useless that we write which is), "Venni Vidi m'arrapaoh" does not disappoint the expectations, giving every frame a great satisfaction to the lovers of a certain cinema. And maybe, let's say maybe, we know who the culprit is. Directed by a certain Vincenzo Salviani (producer of "Uomini si nasce, poliziotti si muore") the screenplay is by the legendary Mario Bianchi, already at the height of his period porno trash.
But limiting ourselves to the farts, the heavy jokes and the desire to fuck of the protagonists, it would be to underestimate this film. Because, yes, the four protagonists, Roman youngsters, members of a group called Arrapathis and who plays during the aerobic classes (!!!), try with insistence with all, always without success. They spy the girls in the shower, touch the nymphomaniac of the neighbourhood, use the doctor to get touched and fight in the nightclub. But the four also give life to a series of interminable musical numbers that push this film to the border of “musicherello". The lyrics are adapted to the style of the film, with a song that says "How will be, the first that give to me ... the apple" and with "Stasera Svortamo", to act as the spine of the whole film.
Vitelloni trash, Roman life of the time, music and many, many naked girls, not bad at all. A nice b movie, which could not miss a fagot character.
To be seen absolutely.