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Andromina: The pleasure Planet
Three astronauts are habitual of Andromina, a planet famous for being a "pleasure planet" in which there is a known strip club, galaxies.
Unfortunately, the strip club is at risk of closure, due to lack of dancers. Moreover, the three, Omar, Cody and Jeeter decide to start looking for new dancers. They end up on another "interesting", planet called Eros. However, there their paths and destinies are divided. Who is imprisoned, who is revered and who is used as a breeding machine.
The "Surrender Cinema", which seems to have closed very recently, was one of the production companies that as a "mission" had to bring the soft-core / sci-fi up with light, fast and obviously low-budget products.
Not that much was expected of this 1999 film directed by Darren Moloney, whose autobiography stands on his profile of Imdb and not that this film gives us nothing but tits, sex and music scenes, on a vague comic background ( and sci-fi ...). Seventy-two minutes (the version we saw, one of many), which pass pleasantly trash and without great pretensions, between a fuck and the other, reusing sets of other films and music.
Interesting cast of starlets and second lines, with happy ending assured.