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They Bite
They bite, but more than anything they want to have sex. Or something like that. In any case, this is the meaning of a great 1996’s B movie written and directed by Brett Piper, a director who has dedicated his career to the B's.
Piper doesn't hide his intentions since the first scenes: tits, monsters, insanity. Taking full ideas from the tradition of the monsters of the swamp or coming from the water, with a particular affection for "Humanoids From the deep" of 1980. But the monsters are not the director's only passion, which proves to love the exploitation, sci-fi and yes, even porn. Although there are no hard scenes, only soft ones, there are many references and there is also the good Ron Jeremy in the midst of the already mentioned (and abundant) tits.
This strange mixture of elements generates an incredibly funny movie with a great crescendo in the second part.
We are in Florida and a photographer is taking pictures of a model trying to convince her to get herself topless. She finally accepts, but then she dives into the water and a strange being attacks her. It is up to an ichthyologist named Melody Duncan to give the alarm that there is something strange in Florida waters. Meanwhile, a porn crew, led by director Mel Duncan, is shooting a movie that they say is "the King Kong of porn". The title is "Invasion of the fishfucker" and we also see the trailer in perfect fifties style. Between a carnivorous vagina and a bit of blood we arrive at a final twist that turns everything towards the sci-fi, framing what is a trash and a hot film at the right point.
Apart from his majesty Ron Jeremy, the cast sees the participation of various genre actors as well as playmate Susie Owens.