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Velvet Buzzsaw
A very interesting setting, a super cast and a director/screenwriter awarded and nominated for an Oscar for "Nightcrawler". What can ever go wrong? Good question, but the answer is: almost everything.
"Velvet Buzzsaw" whose title is a reference to a punk band in which played one of the characters, thus representing the freedom of art (Imdb also mentions that it would have to do with cunnilingus) is a film that satirizes the world of art and its commercial aspect. A not bad idea to which is joined the intention to turn into horror. However, everything remains sketched, leaving to the skill of the interpreters the only things worthy of note. Little blood. Little mystery. A few twists. A  direction that carries out the task, without astonishing.
The always excellent Jake Gyllenhaal plays Morf Vandewalt, an evil and influential art critic who can ruin or enhance the artists' career. Excellent, credible and amusing, at his side there is the equally excellent Rene Russo, owner of a well-known gallery and Zawe Ashton, one of her collaborators. There is also John Malkovic, a histrionic artist, whose role in the story, it’s a mistery (but it's always nice to see him at work). Complete the rich cast Natalia Dyer (Nancy of "Stranger Things") and Toni Collette (who did "The Sixth Sense", but for us it remains the mother of "Little Miss Sunshine"), not to mention many more names or less known.
Well, in this hypocritical, overestimated and self-referential world, among more or less decent works of art, Josephina (Zawe Ashton), by pure chance finds a series of canvases painted by an unknown artist, who lived, before dying, in her same building. Vetril Dease is the name of the elderly and obscure man behind what is a gold mine. But Dease would not have wanted his art to be commercialized and, somehow, he avenges himself on those who try to take profit from it.
Dan Gilroy, who had the idea by visiting a contemporary art gallery, said that people have lost respect for the artist's efforts, in exchange for a commercial art. His attempt, albeit honorable to be ironic about everything, does not go beyond the commercial product.