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The Walking Dead - 9
Why keep on watching "The Walking Dead "hurting? Good question. Maybe because I want to see if something happens. But it doesn’t. Well, the ninth and tired season, given a bit of hope, the turning point seemed to come, the twist that could rekindle everything. However at the end it’s Scooby Doo who kills the hope. That is, not really the famous big dog of Hanna & Barbera, more like a solution like Scooby Doo, as banal as absurd. Then yes, the peaceful start of the season could make think of a change of line, who knows, peace between human and to a slow disclosure of the mysteries that afflict the series (why people become zombie? Apart from those fools between Mexico and USA there someone else? Are there forms of government? Scientists?). And yet, nothing.

Rick Grimes disappears in flight (will they ever tell us what happened to him?) and with him and all his arrogance and you think we will finally go on without his rhetoric and the fact that he believed he was always on the right side. Maggie also disappears, without saying goodbye and It’s a little pity, to tell the truth, because she was developing a "dark side" that could be interesting. But still nothing changes, indeed, there are ready and strong substitutes that reproduce the same characteristics as those who left. Daryl, who looks like a mix between Aragorn, Jon Snow and Rambo, can explode freely as the hard and pure hero, but with a good heart. Michonne is a “nationalist” asshole, a bit tranquilise by the ideas of Judith who replaces her brother Carl in the pain in the arse. And it was hard to be worse than Carl, but she succeeds. Father Gabriel instead realizes that there is something better than religion and become the playboy of the series.

Yes, okay, there is a small uprising in what was once the Sanctuary and then, the good Negan, discovers he prefers the cell to freedom, becoming a sweet man, friend of Judith. Mah. Ezkiel the Freak and his consort try to get by and convince even the so-called "bandits" (a kind of Negan group, very poor) to collaborate in exchange for a flash of common life. The bad guy on duty at the end is there. This time is a woman and is that of Scooby Doo (not the big dog, but that of the unfortunate choice like Scooby Doo). The basic idea is not bad, this villain, Alpha, denies the pre-apocalypse society for a new one like "zombie", also touching interesting points of evil with a surprising slaughter, in one of the few noteworthy episodes.

But we are always there. There is the bad, there are the good ones who pontificate, who run away, there are the zombies that occasionally bite (but only occasionally) and in the end so much love.

The final episode then, announced as something "never seen", keeps its promises. But on a climate level. In nine seasons, even though in Georgia snow, there had never been a snowflake, rather, Rick and Daryl were sweating in every damn episode. Here instead, we see ours take a trip in a snowstorm, between frozen zombies that break easily and little visibility. Snowstorms and deaths that break if hit? Ah, like the White Walkers of "Games of Thrones"? More or less yes.

So in the end nothing changes, the canvas is always the same, like the always too many sixteen episodes and the direction of Nicotero that we now know very well. I wait the tenth season, hoping for something to happen, but knowing that nothing is thrown away from living dead.