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Black Shampoo
Several of my acquaintances would be ready to swear that hairdressers for women are all gay and that blacks have it big. Common places as if it were raining, ending up in this bizarre 1976 film. Well, bizarre to say the least. Because "Black Shampoo" is the blaxploitation and b’s version of "Shampoo" with Warren Beatty released a year earlier. A film that has a plot that seems like a parody, so much is paradoxical and incredible, one of those films that a site like this can only adore.
The beginning is very good. We are in a salon. Lights off and a black boy, Mr. Jonathan, played by John Daniels, who in his career has touched two trash high point (one is this), shampooed a pretty blonde not so much dressed on nice funky music. She then opens his shirt and the zip of his pants. You can imagine the rest. And if this is not enough, our Mr. Jonathan goes at home of a rich client and is assaulted by her daughters who completely undress and touch our hero. The mother, already naked, gets dressed and whip the girls and then, in front of them, had sex with Mr. Jonathan.
In the saloon, the mafia arrives to make a mess, under the orders of a certain Mr. Wilson, destroying everything and beating the owner (white and gay). And let's be clear, the bad guys aren't so serious. Do you think that behind all this there is the protection? Absolutely not. There is a woman. Her name is Brenda and she worked for the villain who wants her back.
Twenty minutes or so of history that makes us drool like Pavlov's dog as far as Greydon Clark, actor in "Satan's Sadist" by Adamson (who grew up well, we can say) and director of other pearls, show us. Brenda obviously has an affair with Mr. Jonathan as a long and sweet scene on the son of "Can you feel the love" by Gerald Lee lets us understand, but sacrifices herself to save the salon. Oh God, sacrifice is not exactly the exact term, because we find her naked in Mr. Wilson's pool, but ready to ruin his criminal plans.
Mr. Jonathan gets upset. And if a hairdresser gets angry, it’s a big problem also for the mafia. Yes, ok, it takes a long time, like a salon party with naked women, Jonathan who takes refuge in the woods to be a woodcutter and the mafia who uses a hairdresser iron sodomizing the salon owner. But then, we arrive at the showdown. Brenda with only the shirt on her hunted down by the bad guys, takes refuge to our hero. Those arrive there, but between a chainsaw, an ax and a bit of struggle, Jonathan resolves the situation.
Clark, direct, in a simple way to say the least, sometimes looks for elegance (sometimes eh!) Especially when he shot Brenda naked or when the main character is having sex. And then a beautiful soundtrack lifts the charm of this b movie
"Nobody mess with my salon" was perhaps the most correct title, or at least more appealing, for this film full of beautiful naked girls, in which Tanya Boyd stands out.