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The Babysitter
If I were still a teenager I would elect this movie to one of my favourites, as well having some fantasies about sexy babysitters (which, I regret, I've never had). Unfortunately for me those years have passed and with great effort I tried to immerse myself in the target of this film. The director McG, that is Joseph McGinty Nichol, known for the two "Charlie Angel's", for "Terminator Salvation" and for several videoclips is first of all older than the writer and with the screenplay by Brian Duffield, he identified himself very well with adolescents, creating an absurd and foolish film just enough to make us old-fashioned pass 85 '.
We are therefore in a thriller / horror with different comic moments, a pressing rhythm and an unlikely "hero" as much as the bad guy. The very nerd Cole (Judah Lewis) is a solitary boy bullied at school and very protected by his parents. The only one who normally treats him is his babysitter Bee, played by the Australian Samara Weaving, grandson of the good Hugo. Bee is attractive, fun and very carefree.
Left a night with the babysitter, Cole, secretly observes what Bee and the inevitable friends (which all babysitters do) do while he should sleep. And the thing is surprising and triggers a long trail of blood, with our Cole becoming the hero of the day.
The references to slasher ("Friday the 13th" above all), are many, as are so many in the current situation, but McG manages to stay away from the parody in "Scary Movie" style, creating a comic / horror film that does not disappoint even blood lovers.
Not a masterpiece of the genre, but a well-studied and direct work, with interesting comic moments.