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The World’s End
The adult male under his skin, always remains a dumbaby and the cinema often reminds it to us. Edgar Wright deserves a place of honour in this field, because when he manages this theme always does in exhilarating way. Here with his trusted comrades Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to which are also Martin Freeman, David Bradley, Michael Smiley, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and even Pierce Brosnan, he closes the “cornetto trilogy” very well ("Shaun of the dead", " Hot Fuzz ").

Males who do not want to grow, we said, males who try to live again the past and who want to escape from reality. All well thought and built in this horror and sci-fi comedy of 2013. References to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and a little to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" are not lacking in a work that in the first half an hour (approximately), it seems a simple alcoholic comedy about a group of friends, accompanied by 90’s pop/rock. The change comes suddenly and in the paradoxical way that Wright has already shown us several times. Several irresistible comic moments, a final that refers to the "post-nuke" but also, it must be said, gags that in some cases do not work and a monologue that unravels the whole affair a little too long. But in any case "The World's End" remains a pleasant exercise in cinema immersed in British comedy.

Gary King (played by the always excellent Pegg) was the coolest guy in the Newton Heaven’s high-school, the usual sleepy suburb. The rebel, the charming. The dumb. At the time of the school he and his faithful friends Andy Knightley (Nick Frost), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman) and Peter Page (Eddie Marsan) had tried to become legendary. That is, to walk the "golden mile", drink a pint in all twelve pubs of the city, closing it all at the "World’s End". However, the adventure failed.

Today, forty-year-old alcoholic and perennial dumbaby, Gary always has in mind that missed goal (and the golden age of the school). His friends, however, have a position, a serious job and a normal life. Reluctant to the idea, they are convinced in various ways by Gary, the only one who really believes in it. The adventure thus begins in the stale New Heaven, between reminiscences, discussions and nice memories. Everything seems to be going well, but in the fourth pub, Gary argues in the bathrooms with a boy, discovering a terrible truth. The aliens have invaded us and are replacing people. Thus began the fight against the invader, but be clear, there is always the challenge of the "golden mile" to be completed.