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The End?
The beautiful stories we like to read. Like the one of Daniele Misischia who after good short movies and TV series, arrives at the feature film under the watchful eye of the Manetti Bros. And he does it with a film about zombies, in which, in addition to the Roman brothers, there is the name of "Rai Cinema" . And he does it above all with a high quality cast that needs no introduction and starts from the protagonist Alessandro Roja, passes through the exceptional Euridice Axen, Benedetta Cimatti and ends with the voices of Marco Manetti and especially Carolina Crescentini..
The smart idea to set 90% of the story in an elevator, allows the production to spend less and the director to give us a setting, not original, but different if combined with the zombie theme. Misischia make a commitment behind the camera showing a certain skill that is also reflected in the cinematography edited by Angelo Sorrentino. A very interesting first half hour, with well-constructed characters and not bad tension. New paragraph.
In the second part, however, problems arise, that is, a certain repetitiveness of the situations (the protagonist is in an elevator in the middle of a zombie invasion) and some too boring dialogues. Things that risk ruining the good things seen previously, boring even a little, leading us to a predictable ending and making us think that if this film had lasted less, it would have been better. As always, references to Romero are not missing, something that seems to be mandatory for almost everyone who deals with the subject.
The story tells of the haughty Claudio Verona (Alessandro Roja), a businessman who has to go to a business appointment. However, the elevator stops. The emergency call has the only result of opening the door to terror. Slowly, quietly, Claudio realizes that there is something out of the ordinary, and after opening a gap between the doors, he understands that Rome is invaded by zombies. His transformation from a self-confident man into a scared and insecure man is in addition to a good acting performance of Roja, also an interesting development in the script. Yes ok, everything is a bit spoiled by what we have said but we emphasize again the commitment and strength of Misischia that gives us a genre film, overall, positive.