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W La Foca!

The title is trivial joke in italian. “W La foca” means the “seal” but also means the sexual women organ, that change the vocal “o” with an “i”. So, It 'easy to fall into the trap of the banal and obvious double-meaning. I know, many peoples have believed it for years, but the title of "W La Foca!" Is not related to what you think. Oh no!. In "W La Foca" there really is a pinniped in fins and bones, which certainly gives the film a deeper meaning and intense, inspired by the symbolism of nature.

But what is this meaning? We do not know!. What appears in the oir eyes is that Nando Cicero has put much of him to make a movie that only with the title and the poster is entered in the the Hall Of Fame of the italian sexy comedy '.

He was great beacuse is very difficult to create a movie placed on a completely incoherent plot thin, inspired by the jokes and get them into the history is not a common stuff.

Maybe because Fernando Cicero,the "Fellini of Trastevere",was not any one? Maybe because Cicero delighted us with movies like “Ultimo Tango a Zagarol”, oppure con “L’insegnante”, “La dottoressa del distretto militare”, “La soldatessa alle grandi manovre”, “L’Assistente sociale tutto pepe” and “Paulo Roberto Cotechino centravanti di sfondamento”?

It is for these that also “W La Foca!” although is a minor movie than other has become a myth? We repeat ... do not know! To us it just let us have a really trash laughs in a film that fully embodies the style of a film made ​​up of ordinary people and situations parodied by the days.

From the beginning “W La Foca” interesting... First scene: Lory Del Santo starts a train only with the touch in her intimate parts, by his boyfriend. Her vagina whistle.

Second scene: Moana Pozzi,in a brief cameo, gives her body to the various train controllers, in a place of a normal ticket. She must go from Bolzano to Reggio Calabria...if  her ass can effort all the trip (trivial citation needed).

So after two scenes we are ready to enjoy the adventures of Lory Del Santo,star of the movie, backed by a great Bomoblo ,an excellent Michela Miti and the less celebrated, but worthy, Dagmar Lassander.

Andrea, Lory Del Santo is a girl who moves from the Veneto to Rome in search of fortune. She find a work as a nurse at the Dr.Patacchiola’s closet and she live with all the happy Patacchiola family, consisting of five persons. He, Bombolo, medical maniac who tries in every way to strip the patients, his wife Dagmar Lassander,total nymphomaniac voluntary in an association to help the underdeveloped (...), his daughter, Michela Miti,which grows well as her mother and finally an eighteen year old son totally stupid, stoned grandfather, the colored maid and of course the seals.

All these beautiful people gives life to a movie that has no real theme, but lives in situations that link and play trivial jokes on. Sex, horns, double meanings, up to the ramblings of a dreamy Lory Del Santo always subject to the desires of others. And who can forget the scene of the seal's snow fart? Eh ...we can’t! If “W La foca” don’t touch one of the most high (low) of Italian trash ... tell us!