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Ilsa She Wolf Of SS

From 1975 onwards the world must supports the invasion of the "She Wolf". Some credible, some ridiculous, but all in the wake of this: Ilsa. She contaminates a genus closely related to that and also the oldest: the "Women in Prison."

A revolution, a shift that wipes out the previous "nazisploitation" and "women in prison" that are having to deal with this figure by the wickedness and the endless desire for sex. An incredible success.

Is the 1975 when Don Edmonds a director inexperienced, but with different appearances as actor in “beach comedies” gets behind the camera for what it is, without doubt, his most famous film. In front of the camera there is a certain Dyanne Thorne a buxom actress who has already participated in some minor film roles, such as in "Wham Bam Thank YouSpaceman."

The combination is winning and the story of "Ilsa, She Wolf Of the SS" has every, absolutely every, elements for success.

Don Edmonds direct a story written by Johan Royston and John Saxon Two other obscure figures, who dares the what nobody do before, a movie that goes further. And so here starts a long parade of prisoners of both sexes, with pretty young women usually nude or scantily clad, which are subjected to scientific experiments to test the resilience of the human or vaccines for infectious diseases. Tortured and locked up in cells pressurized at high atmospheres. Immersed in tanks of boiling water and again, for women, force to vibrators at high voltage.

This experiments are led by busty women soldiers dressed with a very small Nazi uniform, and especially  led by her, the aforementioned Ilsa, the commander in chief of the lager. Busty, evil, nymphomaniac, Ilsa favorite pastime is to spend nights trying prisoners evirate who doesn’t satisfy her.

And here there is the cult movie, which becomes even more absurd, describing the prisoners as "the chosen race ". Because if Nazi officers only show their impotence, Wolfe an American prisoner, beautiful-blonde-blue-eyes, is able to satisfy Ilsa and her soldiers, and as much as he wants.

The cult is served, annoying, bloody, fool. A movie that guesses every move for success.

Dyanne Thorne with this film goes into history and especially for her open the way for three other films where she plays the same character. "Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks" of 1976, again under the direction of Edmonds, "Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia",1977, and the spin-off of the same year, directed by Jess Franco "Ilsa, the WickedWarden",a movie that isn’t official but commercially exploits the character.

Dyanne Thorne after this exploit begins a slow descent that leads out from the world of cinema in the late seventies, and then returned briefly in the next decade . Now she officiating, with her ​​husband, weddings in Las Vegas. Even Don Edmonds then hasn’t a glittering career, but mixed with other roles (producer and actor).

Returning to the film, this the only one of the three or four if you like of the series that can claim the title of "nazisploitation." Even if others are continually with Thorne in the role of sadistic torturer doesn’t provide for the Nazis and are set in Siberia, under the Stalinist regime and then in Saudi Arabia.

A cult must see


OriginalTitle: Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS

Alternate Titles: Diastrofes if stratopedo sadiston, I'm stratopedo Kolaseos tis (Greece), Die Hündin von Liebeslager 7 (Switzerland), Elza - wilczyca z SS (Poland), Ilsa - SS: No naarassusi (Finland) Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (Italy), Ilsa La Louve (France), Ilsa, the lykaina ton SS (Greece), Ilsa, the perra de la SS (Argentina), Ilsa: Honvargen från SS ( Sweden) Ilse hun-ulven between SS (Denmark) The loba de las SS (Spain), The Nazi était there, les' Gretchen 'aussi (France)

Country: USA, Germany
Duration: 96'
Director: Don Edmonds
Cast: Dyanne Thorne , Gregory Knoph, Tony Mumolo, Maria Marx, Nicolle Riddell
House Production: Aeteas Filmproduktions