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Plan 9 From Outer Space


Talking about this film is the same of talking about "Citizen Kane", "Gone with the Wind" or any classic or masterpiece that comes to mind. Well...there is a difference, small but there. And it is the "championship" in which they play. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is a masterpiece, a first class in the world of "B Movies".

Considered the worst film ever made, became years by years a "cult" film partly for the eccentricity of the director, Ed Wood, and especially for the tribute to the well-known author Tim Burton film "Ed Wood".

After the film of Burton Ed Wood has become a cult director, loved and appreciated and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is back in fashion, reaching the general public. Or at least has become a source of quote. Same treatment for the great Bela Lugosi.

The excellent work of Burton, however,doesn't put on light the really bad things that we can see in this movie.

Ed Wood create a funny film, a container fullest of scenes from unintentional comedy. But beyond the humor is also said that "Plan 9" is a sci-fi different from his peers with a will moralizing entirely surprising. Unbelievable but true, pacifism and environmentalism. Same speech that we have made for "Glen or Glenda."

In our case the aliens are very angry because the leaders of the earth deny their existence. But even more to enrage the aliens (just like us and even speaking our language) is the total idiocy of the human race that eventually combine something that will destroy the entire universe. But nothing to do, humans dont'want to recognize their existence. What to do? The only possibility is to implement "Plan 9" a heinous plan that includes electromagnetic waves through the resurrection of the dead. But there are those who quietly counteract this plan and destroy the aliens.

Lively and absurd, the film drains away merrily improvised scenes, no special effects, cardboard tombstones that move or fall, wires that are obvious blooper fly spaceships and anachronistic scenes or repeated frames or glued to case. Recitation to a minimum.

Wood fray with absolutely no curanza horror with sci-fi, poking among the already above zombies and even a graveyard that sometimes seems very great and close to houses and sometimes distant and small.

The cast is spectacular and is the proverbial circus of freaks put together by Wood. Finnish-American actress Vampira Maila Nurmi, Paavo related to, was an actress and television presenter of a transmission horror of great success (the character that will be virtually copied from Elvira in the eighties).

Tor Johnson,  was a professional wrestler and performer of many B Movies. Character of worship has attained fame playing the inspector Dan Clay, of course, in "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

And of course the great Bela Lugosi. The first Dracula appears here in his latest film. Old, battered but still icon, Bela wanders the film dressed as Dracula or a star of film clips pasted in history, completely out of context. Unfortunately Lugosi died during filming. Wood and replaced him with the chiropractor family, namely his wife. Tom Mason, this is his name, was similar (...) to Hungarian actor at the top of the face. Wood will not ever fully resumed once covered much of the face with the cloak of Dracula.

A great movie a must-see. Besides the great tribute to the life of Burton Wood and his works, "Plan 9 ..." is also addressed in the documentary "Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion", longer than thirty minutes of the film itself and also by "Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood Jr "book by Rudolph Gray.