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Rock 'n' Roll High School

"Will your school be next"

A contenst opens between the Ramones, the Beatles, Elvis, Nino D'Angelo, Gianni Morandi, Little Tony and while we're at the 883. Not a musical contest, but a cinema contest, "Who has done more damage to the world of cinema?". It's your judgment, we talk, as the title say, about this "Rock 'n' Roll High School" film of 1979 starring the legendary Ramones.

The "Fast Four" goes around the story, happy and ugly, in a world of smart teens rockers, oppressed by a principal who wants to bring order and discipline in the worst school of the State: Vince Lombardi High School (whose name is a tribute to a great NFL coach). And so our heroes are called by a group of students insurgents who have been subjected to censorship of rock music and the nazi-burning nazi of Ramones records.

With their leather jackets, the ugly aspect and Converse, our beloved "brothers" are the heroes of the story, stars of course of numerous musical moments, among them a memorable Dee Dee playing dressed in a shower.
The soundtrack as you can imagine is the most important part of the film and a part the song of the punk-rock band there are songs by Chuck Berry, Brian Eno, Velvet Underground and many others. A movie, easy and fast, as many, but with a disturbing presence thanks to the New York band, mythical, legendary, very important for the history of music, but definitely, in terms of aesthetics, not nice to see.

"Rock 'n' Roll High School" is a nice movie, that has the only fault to be thinked exactly to be a B-movie, a goal largely achieved thanks to the careful production of the legendary Roger Corman struggling with a story written and conceived even before engaging the Ramones.

Even better our comments, we can mention those of the protagonists this time, taking a few steps from the site an interview that the Ramones released fort their biography.

Joey: "It 'a normal B-Movie. Improves when we come into the scene. Was not written for us. Actually we were only the band in the film"
Johnny: "The director needed a group for the film and a kid proposed us for the part. There are even lines to memorize"
Dee Dee: "It was all very Californian, the entire set of the film and when we came out we were like aliens, you know, dressed in leather and everything else "
Marky: "The Dolls of terror"

In the cast as well as the New York group, we find PJ Soles, famous for the part of Lynda in "Halloween" and Norma in "Carrie" and Vincent Van Patten actor of TV series and a certain level of professional tennis player
Chapter essential for fans of the Ramones but also for those who want to see a parody of this kind of movies.

Fact Sheet
Original Title: Rock 'n' Roll High School
Year: 1979
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Country: United States
Cast: Ramones. P.J. Soles. Vincent Van Patten, Clint Howard, Dey Young
Duration: 93 '
Production Company: New World Pictures