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Vampyros Lesbos

It’s a "Psycho-Sexadelic", " Vampiradelico "," Horror Freakout!" journey. Better is impossible to describe this great masterpiece!.

Great Spanish Master Jesus Franco gives to us a pearl of priceless value. He create a clever movie, mixing with superb craftsmanship horror, eros, psychedelia and lead us on a trip on a velvet dress of 60's.

Less daring of its title this elegant soft-core vampire movie of 1971 sucks all the aesthetics of the sixties and classic canvas of stories of "sucking blood", developing a persuasive narrative that spares the words often favoring the images, colors and sounds, thanks to a fabulous soundtrack.

The two beautiful protagonist, Ewa Stromberg and Soledad Mirandaabove, complete the structure of a movie that in just seven minutes thanks to music and images take the attention of the viewer.

It’s 'wonder to be carried away by Jesus Franco in the life of Linda Westinghouse straight woman, that is having troubled dream pleasantly in which she see a comely woman who is none other the person to whom  must notify the passage of inheritance. The charming woman is the sole heir of Count Vlad, the Countess Carody, which is first manifested in the flesh during a sexy strip in a club and then attracts in Linda in her beautiful villa on an island in Turkey.

The seduction of the vampire and the disturbance of Linda is a subtle and sexy games, in which end up in the canons and classic characters of any vampire story. The doctor who recognizes and knows how to stop the vampire, the boyfriend of the victim, another doctor, a sort of Van Helsing and above all the servant of the Countess, a stylish black suit faithful, called Morpho. Our favorite character.

Franco puts so much craft, so typical of his crazy way of seeing things. There are many images to be framed, great elegance, which makes us turn a blind eye on some narrative license. The parallelism between the scorpion and the vampire, a comparison with the animal world that we will see in other films of the director, to switch to the slow and sensual story of Countess Carody, told by the servant, not to mention two striking dead end, one saw reflected in a lamp of aluminum.

This and more create a movie among the best in the vast filmography of the great Franco and certainly one of the most beautiful and stylish horror film whose location in Turkey, including Istanbul and the islands, creating a wonderful contrast with the dark history.

The soundtrack became over time a true "cult" is a blend, easy listening that travels on velvet with a hint of acid psychedelia. It came out on LP and was reused for subsequent work by Franco himself.

The irresistible charm of this film is mainly due to two actress: Ewa Stromberg and Soledad Miranda.

The first is a Swedish actress that after doing some movies at home, has participated in international productions before get out early from the scenes.

The second deserves more space and a monograph on our part. Soledad Miranda was a ray of sunshine in the world of cinema. Spanish, apparently had a natural talent of some importance and extraordinary beauty that we can see ourselves. Unfortunately, her life ended shortly after "Vampyros Lesbos" to a tragic car accident.

peaking of curiosity, we say that "Vampyros Lesbos" has a particular history. Released in 1971, he was murdered by Francisco Franco's censors to the point that it was necessary in the Spanish version, titled simply "Las Vampiras", insert a voice narration to cover the gap due to the cuts. In Italy came from a few years, thanks to the "Dolmen Home Video" put it on DVD in the original language, subtitled in Italian.

Fact Sheet

Year: 1971
Original Title: Vampyros Lesbos
Country: Spain / Germany
Alternate Titles: Das Mal des Vampirs, Im Zeichen der Vampire, Vampire für Schlechte Zeiten, Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula (Germany), Las Vampiras (Spain), Vampire lesbos, Vampiros Lesbos (France), Lesbian Vampires, El Signo the Vampire, The Heiress of Dracula, The Heritage of Dracula, The Sign of the Vampire, Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula The Strange Adventure Of Jonathan Harker, The Vampire Women (Indefinite)
Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Soledad Miranda Ewa Stromberg, Andres Monales, Dennis Price Paul Muller
Duration: 91
'ProductionHouse: CCC Telecine