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Before he hears the rustling of bucks and before they proclaimed  him "Lord Director of the Rings” Peter Jackson made a film of thickness. Big Peter was a myth. An hero of borderline movie. Then, just whether or not he has made other choices that are surely many fruity nutshell, but did lose a lot of fans and getting more of different kinds.

But in the early '90s, the New Zealand’s director was a flood and gave birth to his third feature film "Braindead" a few years after the convincing debut "Bad Taste".

"Braindead" translated in many version is a masterpiece of its kind. A myth of the splatter, totem trash, a fantastic comedy about zombies and various monsters.

All right, it starts in pole position thanks to a production of some importance, but it is something that ultimately we can forgive. For everything else there must be a splatter liters of blood, broken heads and bodies, unspeakable monsters and especially a lot of irony.

50s. The "Sumatran Rat-Monkey" is a horrible intersection. As they say, more simply, in the movie "the rats have fuck the monkeys."

An example of this is to be caught in a desolate and primitive land, in a delirious scenes at the begin of the movie, and sold to the zoo of Wellington. It seems that one of his bite can turn the victim into a zombie. Shortly after Lionel haunted by a protective mother goes to the Zoo in the company of lovely Paquita, shadowed by his mother, who too approaches to the cage of the beast and she is bitten. She Dies. Lionel, however, mam’s boy,can not nor want to get rid of the mother now a zombie. From here starts a big a variety of situations-demented horror, the mother who goes around to bite others duplicating the army of the undead and destroying the house. Delirium: a couple also a had a horrible son. "Splatters" has memorable characters and scenes. How can we forget the funeral and incestuous sexual misunderstandings and necrophilia? How can we forget the horrible child to the park and with Lionel (the favorite scene from Jackson himself)?

And most of all how can you not in sympathy uncle Lionel, Elvismaniac, simpli maniac, or the priest, and the same sweet and Lionel mother or not.

It looks awful but it is not. Trust us is a masterpiece.