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Cat-Women Of The Moon

50's or later decades, in technicolor or in black-and- white, 3D or not. The moral is always the same: the male is an idiot who is duped by women. If they have the foreign charm (an alien) or if they are super-clever (astronaut), the result is even worse.
This is what usually emerges and is what underline the sci-fi "Cat-Women Of The Moon".
A story in which our civilization was in danger of being destroyed by the fault of five astronauts (including women) who were about to fall like in front of a race of cat-woman of the moon.
Cat-women dressed in black with a really heavy makeup. The last representative of a society founded two million years ago. A group of people who live without men (who knows if the storks come there ...) breathing air that gets sold, making it necessary to flee to Earth.
Unfortunately they haven't a rockets or a get into Earth. Yea...they are intelligent, they also speak a very good English but they can't build a rocket..
And so five astronauts arrive on the moon. The astronaut-woman is suddenly controlled by the Cat-Women that do their best to uncover the secrets of the spaceship trying to stole the space suits and the rocket's key.

They try with fake hospitality, mild flirting and promises to donate all the gold of the Moon. Alpha, Beta and Lambda the three cat-women succeed in their efforts to take possession of the spaceship using also the astronaut woman involved in a fake flirt.
So while two astronauts were fighting for their colleague, the three cats falls away to the rocket. Fortunately one of them in love with the pilot of the spacecraft tell everything to the earth-man and the four astronauts are able to recover everything and return to the Earth.

Harmless and funny sci-fi, good b-movie, but it dwells excessively frayed and losing in the implementation of the plan of evil cats. Fortunately it finish in 63' minutes. Just in time.
The lovely scenery are equal to other sci-fi era.
We don't talk about the rocket model a classic of the genre, which simulates the journey, but we talk about the fact that our astronauts traveling in complete comfort with gravity and oxygen on the ship.
For the preservation of the species "cat women" we don't spend more. Another interesting thing is the excellent English spoken on the moon, also underlined by one of the crew, ( incredible for the genre!) soon silenced with the explanation that the women's cat is a very civilization higher than ours. Again...they don't know how to build a rocket?

Released in 1953 in 3D and directed by Arthur Hilton born in England and lived in Hollywood. Hilton has worked mainly assembly reaching an Oscar nomination with "The Killers" in 1946.
As a film.-director was not an absolute genius, and "Cat Women of the Moon" is his most famous work. Hilton then took the route of directing television films and series TV working on "Lassie," "Mission: Impossible" finally achieve the fame and several awards.

The rest of the cast is of some importance. Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory and Marie Windsor. The first was an American radio- and several TV series actor. Jory, however, can claim the role of Jonas Wilkerson in "Gone with the Wind" as well as various characters that have allowed him to have the star on the Walk of Fame.
Finally, Marie Windsor was one of the icons of American B movie, and turn the television series as "The Incredible Hulk", "General Hospital", "Murder, She Wrote" and many others.
Returning to the film you can download it from the Internet Archive or watch it in streaming below.