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Terror House
"Fresh meat, maybe a little hard. Luxurious location, good service, but a little creepy”. This could be the Tripadvisor review of the Red Wolf Inn where this story is set. But since we are talking about cinema and not catering, the review changes like this: "nice idea, but could have been done better ". We find ourselves in a horror film, which speaks of cannibalism, of sinister families and anticipates in some things the well-known and celebrated "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", with which it shares the bad ideas of the translators of the title. So many strange titles that makes it look more like "Arsenic and old lace" than a dark horror that probably takes its cue from famous news. The director is Bud Townsend that two years later gives us the precious "Alice in Wonderland" and here he directs a high quality cast with Arthur Space, an expert character, as well as Dr.Weaver of "Lassie", a young Linda Gillen who later became a known face of cinema, TV and theatre, Mary Jackson, protagonist of "The Waltons" and especially Margaret Avery, an Oscar nominated as "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" for "The Color Purple" in 1985. The beginning of "Terror House" is really interesting. Regina (Linda Gillen) wins a holiday at the Red Wolf Inn, a luxurious villa in the countryside. The place is run by an elderly and very kind couple (Space and Jackson) and their strange nephew. A great place, where the food is good and the guests try in every way to make you eat, because in reality they hide a terrible secret. When one of the young women present in the place disappears, Regina understands that something is wrong and is that the nice old couple loves to make them fat and kill their guests. A beautiful story that, however, remains too restrained without exploding either in tension or in horror. Too bad, it could really be a succulent film.