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Silent night deadly night
If one tells me that he does not love Christmas, I ask if he has childhood traumas like our Bill. Because you never know. The grandfather who terrifies him with stories about Santa Claus, who he believes punishes naughty children, a person dressed as Santa Claus massacres his family and then he grow up in an orphanage where he is abused. It must be said that is a way of creating a psychopath, certainly very imaginative. Elaborate and imaginative. But actually it takes away any surprises (no, we're not making spoilers, you can understand right away how things are going) in a film that slowly loses its initial interest to let go in predictable developments and in more imaginative than scary murders.
However, "Silent Night Deadly Night" marks the beginning of a highly successful franchise conceived by Charles Sellier best known as a producer (Emmy nominated for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in 1980) than a director.
Of course, part of his success is because he describes Santa Claus as a ruthless killer, which at the time created the usual wave of controversy on the part of the people who made picket lines in front of the cinema. Free advertising that never hurts.
With "Halloween" in mind and defects apart (see lack of surprises and a very tight cliffhanger), this 1984 movie is still enjoyable thanks to a whole series of b movie things that make it "interesting". The continuous and redundant flashbacks, a sometimes paradoxical trail of blood and many free tits with the "scream queen" Linnea Quigley in topless to act as a bow on the pack.

I was talking about Billy, who finds a job in a toy store after growing up with difficulty. Apart from the absurdity of the thing, our protagonist also falls in love with a colleague but, Christmas comes and the problems begin. He is obliged to replace Santa, Pamela, his colleague, risks being raped in front of him his. Things that, even a child would understand, trigger the violence of our protagonist, who becomes an avenger of bad people, dressed as Santa Claus.
They are paying the price with the cry of "Naughtyyyy!"   lot of people: the same Pamela and the colleague who tried to rape her, hanged quickly with Christmas lights. In addition, the shop owner and another person, a couple in petting, one of whom is Linnea Quigley impaled with the horns of a stuffed ibex (!!!), a person on the bob and more. Final goal the old Mother Superior who mistreated him as a child.
Final violent in front of terrified children who could take his place, but remember, Billy has a younger brother and he is Naughty as well