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Santa Claws
Christmas is also very incisive for the protagonist of this movie. A very strange film for John A. Russo who perhaps had nothing better to do than to write and direct this b movie that tries to make us forget the many defects by placing an industrial quantity of boobs. Russo, is the author of "Night of the Living Dead" and their return, considered a fundamental author for horror / independent cinema.
Well, in any case, we find him behind the camera of this “Santa Claws", which immediately opens with a sex scene, interrupted by a child who kills the two in bed with gunshots. Like Bill of "Silent Night Deadly Night" but with more naughty moments.
Wayne, this is the name of the boy who catches his uncle in bed with his mother, is then arrested and once free becomes obsessed with the "Scream Queen" Raven Quinn, played by Debbie Rochon (Scream Queen in the real world) who is filming an erotic movie and has some problems with her husband. Wayne is so obsessed that he creates a kind of doll with her look and offers to "help" her, also eliminating those who annoy her, with the "claws” of the title.
With so many moments of meta cinema (basically all erotic) and with a not so unknown cast "Santa Claws", maybe wanted to be a parody of the slasher and erotic films, but in the end with a bad production and an absurd story ends up falling into the its own game.
Among murders that are not very credible and the already mentioned quantity of nudes (some integral), this is one of the worst Christmas b movies.