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It’s difficult in these times to resist to the temptation to enter into the world of apps, a rich and quite new theme for the ambitions of genre directors. There also ends Elisa Fuksas, with "Netflix" which distributes perhaps on the enthusiasm of "Cam" or perhaps because in this moment they can afford also embarrassing movies. As in this case. "The App" film with a bombastic title but also a bit trivial title shows all the flaws of an app full of bugs and not compatible with modern times. Elisa Fuksas, with a cameo by Abel Ferrara, tries to break it down with the technique, showing us images that seem to arrive from smartphones and with some attempt to have a suggestive cinmatography. Awful.
Between overestimated intellectual ambitions, and between a parallelism with "Othello" and criticism of modern society, boredom wins with an embarrassing plot at the limits of the most obvious "generational" movies.
Niccolò is the protagonist of this story, who does not know whether to be a thriller, a drama, a sentimental film or a sci-fi. Or more likely a big mess.
Niccolò, we said, is the scion of a rich family who aspires to be an actor. His fiancée Eva asks him to help her with the graduation thesis installing a dating app.
And here his problems begin. Gradually the boy becomes succubus and establishes an online relationship with a mysterious girl who ruins the relationship with his girlfriend and above all his actor's ambitions.
Final twist that openly aims to show the dangers of AI, more than ever predictable, but finally closes a film thought badly and developed worse.