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Mil Sexos tiene la noche
Nightmare and dream, a theme dear to our Jess Franco who in 1984 proposes it in this "Mil Sexos tiene la noche" which travels between being a remake or a variation of "Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit" of 1974, already see in "Voodoo Passion" of 1977. Not to mention other more or less obvious references to his films.
From Soledad Miranda through Muriel Montossè to Lina Romay, protagonist of this 1984 film, in which it is noted; in addition to the obvious ability to know how to choose the protagonists well, also that the Spanish director is at ease with this theme. In an era in which, his art was, not at the highest levels, he creates a pleasant job making the feeling of nightmare / dream well, with good direction and a good soundtrack.
Lina Romay always charming despite the fact that even the best times have passed for her, is Irina, a telepathic who goes from club to club with her boyfriend to show her mental faculties. One night, Irina begins to suffer from nightmares in which she dreams of hot sexual relations that end with a murder, while a mysterious voice calls her. The boyfriend instead, prefers to read the "legendary" Necromicon rather than being with her.
Nightmare? Dream? Reality? This confuses Irina, who strikes with a strange curved knife.
Few dialogues and the classic solar setting (Costa Del Sol and Las Palmas) combined with a good cinematography by Franco himself, make this film one of the ones to be saved in the decade of the Spanish director, also considering that there is more eroticism and less sex compared to his works from the same period.
The cast, in addition to an excellent Lina Romay, also sees Carmen Carrión and Franco's usual (but useless) cameo, here in the role of a psychiatrist.