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Blue Demon vs. the Satanic Power
Blue Demon, real name Alejandro Muñoz Moreno, is a legend of Lucha Libre, a rival of El Santo. And they should also be rivals in the world of cinema, considering that the producer Enrique Vergara also decides to give Blue Demon space on the big screen, with films very similar in themes and developments to those of the Enmascarado de la Plata. Instead, for some obvious commercial reason in this 1966 "Blue Demon contra el poder satánico", directed by Chano Urueta, we find El Santo in a cameo in which he reassures Blue Demon that he is on his side.
And this is the best thing about a rambling film, a delicious b movie, which shows off a low budget and artisan tricks that are accompanied with a simple and crazy screenplay on which the good Fernando Osés has put his hand.
We are in the early part of the twentieth century and the serial killer Gustavo is sentenced to death. Gustavo, who has magic powers, falls into catalepsy hoping to be considered death to escape from the morgue. Unfortunately, however, he is quickly buried. Fifty years later (without eating and drinking) some guys, grave thieves, unearth him and Gustavo starts killing again. They pay the price: a girl, Blue Demon's cousin, two other women and a singer, more or less all set on fire (I think) but they are not seen.
Then Blue Demon realizes that something is wrong. Investigate, despite the police downplay, talked to our El Santo. He discovers something about the sorcerer and begins his mission for the forces of good, destroying the villain as if on a canvas. End.
And another film with a lucha libre hero has gone through.