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Amore, letti e tradimenti
In Italy we say “Contadino, scarpe grosse e cervello fino”, that means (literrally) “Farmer with big shoes and smart brain”, to say that farmers are smart. I don't know if there is a proverb that explains the opposite for the writers, that explains that sometimes the brain is not their best thing and sometimes it gives rise to an embarrassing result, trying to follow a genre and wasting a potentially quality cast. This is what happens in in this movie written by a certain Mauro Righi and directed by the good Alfonso Brescia. Ugo Bologna is with Don Backy and a great trio of women: Marisa Mell, Sonia Viviani, Malisa Longo and Paola Maiolini.
Six actors who managed with ability can give their best in skill, comedy and beauty (put whoever you want in their respective categories). Instead, this vaguely sexy Italian comedy is a slow and absurd story that point on the normal people intelligence against the greed of the bourgeoisie (at least, to want to make sense of it).
Ugo Bologna, in the classic role of Milanese businessman, sets his sights on the property of Baldo (Don Backy), a farmer who does not want to sell.
To convince him, Guido invites him to his home, where his wife and daughter try to seduce him with the permission of the "clever" businessman. But in the end, after a game of cards, the foolish rich man loses everything in favour of the farmer.
Silly story, with a sometimes annoying Don Backy and some boobs sticking out here and there. Really little intelligence.