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La Polizia Ringrazia

This is the father of all super-policeman, the father of all evil criminals and of the unstoppable wave of violence in our cities. We have also a guilty. Is Stefano Vanzina best known as Steno and his weapon is “La Polizia Ringrazia”.
This movie is commonly recognized as the founder of the "poliziottesco", though pioneering, but very interesting and well-thought with all the canons of the genre: crime, Justicialism, laws that clash. And a wonderful title.

Steno recreates an attractive environment, very violent, very fast, managed to stay out of the play, providing a clever duality between two ways of interpreting the law. The criticism in “La polizia...” is at 360 degrees and even captures some aspects that will be "prophetic" for Italian history. We have also ultra-violent and action scenes, good for the genre, they touch are high one of the highest points in a chase with the hostage-Office launched from the middle and crushed by the wheels of the police car.
The protagonist is Enrico Maria Salerno, for personal taste not the best commissioner of the story, who plays Bertone. Rome is facing a wave of devastating crime. Bertone nothing can do, while the law protects every criminals leaving the role of bad and violent to the cops.
People are beginning to upset fed up.
Suddenly, however, occur precise and well-studied murders eliminated one by one the criminals.
It’s 'a paramilitary group very organized. Bertone beginning to investigate and even going against the wishes and ideas of his men, all convinced of the goodness of this Police parallel.
This "anonymous police," despite the contrast of Bertone, lives of the protection of influential men of power members of a sort of Masonic lodge.

The progressive side is performed by the beautiful Mariangela Melato, very good in the role of a journalist who clashes with the ideas of Bertone of which is however, a close friend. In addition to Salerno and Mariangela Melato cast also includes Mario Adorf, excellent as usual, Laura Belli and Franco Fabrizi, all facing a great movie. Must-see. Hot Curiosity : "La Polizia Ringrazia" is also the title of a porno movie a few years ago, directed by Frank Simon