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La settimana bianca
Parade of stars since the first images with their sponsors, J&B, Ellesse and Sansicario, ski resort of the Val di Susa in Piedmont, Italy. So to clarify where we are: in a more than commercial film that focuses entirely on the gags of its actors and on the beauty of the two top women (Anna Maria Rizzoli and Carmen Russo). However to tell the truth, it’s only the soundtrack of Gianni Ferio that has something to say, well ... in addition to Rizzoli's boobs and Carmen Russo's underwear.
Mariano Laurenti is at the director of a film that touches the joke movie based on the safe and abused (we are already in 1980) canvas of the Italian sexy comedy.
The story, if this can be defined, tells about of a skiing holiday of a group of colleagues, naturally morons, which includes Gianfranco D'Angelo, Enzo Cannavale, Bombolo, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Vincenzo Crocitti, Giacomo Furia, Jimmy Il Fenomeno dressed as a woman (!!!) and Renzo Ozzano in the role of a loyal customer of the company (mah ...)

The common goal is to conquer the beautiful Angela (Anna Maria Rizzoli) spying her in the keyhole and rather obvious gags that put one behind the other make up various sketches of the plot.
Between a Gianfranco D’Angelo and an Enzo Cannavale totally and obviously clumsy on skis and on the snow, there is also Carmen Russo, in the role of Orchidia, a particular maid of the hotel who, on call, presents herself in the guest rooms in skimpy underwears. As foreseen by the manual of the genre, the one who conquers the "heart" of the beauty that, here is an attractive ski instructor, played by Paolo Giusti, interpreter of various photo-novels.
First film with Bombolo and Cannavale and film that for some reason also has a maritime version entitled "La settimana al mare" of a subsequent year.