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Occhi dalle stelle
A really science fiction year, 1978, for Mario Gariazzo. In addition to shot a great trash pearl like “Incontri ravvicinati…di un certo tipo", Garriazzo also direct "Occhi dalle stelle". And if one has seen the first and not the second, perhaps he expects the same theme, vaguely sci-fi and very naughty. Instead, "Occhi dalle stelle" is actually very different, because it follows the alien conspiracy seriously, developing a thesis that today would be the manifesto of several, conspiracy’s groups on various social networks.
"Occhi dalle stelle" A part following the footsteps of the well-known Spielberg movie, for the first 10 minutes it’s a great film, with a beginning, extravagant but very interesting. Unfortunately then the film embraces an excessive slowness, broken sometimes by some "twist" and by some scoundrel. The extreme poverty of the production certainly does not help this film in which Gariazzo signs as Roy Garret, not to be outdone by an international cast and for obvious commercial reasons.
However, we are not at the level of seeing the wire that holds the flying UFOs, but the aliens in silver tracksuit with blue helmets are more funny than     frightful. However Gariazzo is very serious and tries to do everything as dramatic as possible, with a story that starts with a photographer who realizes, after a photo shot in the woods with a model, that strange figures have remained imprinted on the film. Are the aliens who have come to earth.
Tony Harris (the Austrian Robert Hoffmann) journalists investigate on this case, with a well-known ufologist, tries to shed light on the incident. However, the police led by Inspector Grant (Martin Balsam) try to cover up everything with the help of a group of secret services "the silence group" or "The Silencers" who does not want the news spread. Among betrayals like Harris' secretary, played by Nathalie Delon ex-wife of Alain enters in the plot even a medium ends up in the middle. Boredom aside is a non-negligible film.