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La Nuit des Horologes
The time has come for analysis, to look at the past, to the friends, to the collaborators. "La Nuit des Horologes" is more this than a real movie. But don't worry, Jean Rollin never gave the feeling of being a self-celebrating one, on the contrary, and, in fact, the doubts that this 2007 film could be, disappear practically immediately. Exactly when at the beginning Françoise Blanchard tells us that this is "La Nuit des Horologes", that we are in the house of sins, that a door will be open and that the young woman is about to leave.
The young woman who comes out of the door is Ovidie, a former porn star, the protagonist of this film, which was probably the testament of the French director, who was already ill, but who then managed to make another three years later.
Between symbolism and poetry, we witness Ovidie's journey in search of Michael Jean, perhaps deceased or perhaps disappeared but certainly the director's alter ego, ending up meeting the ghosts of man's past, real or imagined. We see Jean-Loup Philippe, Dominique, Natalie Perrey, Françoise Blanchard and others, all actors dear to him, without forgetting his objects and the inevitable places.
Short frames of his works and explicit citations to his sources of inspiration and a clear message "you will remember me for my works or for my imagination", make up the framework of an intense film. A film suitable only for those who have seen all the director's films with an ever-present bit of underlying bitterness and sadness which, however, in the end does not bring the viewer to tears, but to a total reflection of one's life.
One of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, films of the latter part of Jean Rollin's career.