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Tiger King
It needs the wildest John Waters and the presence of Divine, to make this series "perfect". Perfect, of course, between inverted commas. After the first five minutes the desire to change is great, you are watching a series that is a crime documentary, about one who has tigers, opposed by an ecologist who is fighting against a United States law. Easy isn't it?
However after ten minutes raise an unhealthy sense of sticking your nose in the filthy and seeing how low the protagonists can go, with the result that you watch shocked this story.
Even removing a percentage of fiction, the result does not change. This is a Filthy series. Waters, Divine, miss you!
"Tiger King" is a long parade of characters more dangerous than their animals. For all of them, from the least to the one of the title, one could say, as my grandmother would do, that are “crooked as a barrel of fish hooks”. Persons who see in exotic animals and in big cats above all, a status symbol, like a Ferrari or a yacht, or at least a way of revenge against an unfair life.
Here are the "heroes": Mario Tabraue, said to have inspired the character of "Scarface", a Cuban refugee in the USA (perhaps one of the famous oppressed...), owner of a very private zoo with exotic animals, condemned in the past to one hundred years of imprisonment, for drug dealing and involved in murder. With a good lawyer he passed in prison only twelve years.
Bhagavan Kevin Antle, is the grand master of private zoos, who is inspired by Eastern philosophies. He is the man who has shown the way to everyone else. Adventurer-like dress, he lives surrounded not only by exotic animals but by handsome assistants to whom he pays breast plastic surgery and with whom, at least three, he is married. However, he is the one who tries to have less enemies and his private life, he says, is not for TV series. As a perfect sect guru.
At one point comes a certain Jeff Lowe, another tiger lover, who he uses for commercial purposes and to hook up girls with whom he interacts with his second wife or girlfriend. The first wife is not clear if he killed her or if he only tried to kill her, but they are details, isn’t?
Finally then we come to the core of the series. Carol Baskin, the woman with a tigerskin  wardrobe, ecologist, the one you love in the first five minutes.
She has a "Sanctuary", the "Big Cat Rescue" in which you have to pay the ticket at the entrance (if I am not mistaken, the Sanctuary are free and live on donations) and takes advantage of the work of the volunteers. By the way, she was investigated for the disappearance of her first husband, a millionaire who disappeared into thin air, who for some would be buried in the Sanctuary's biological pit and for others it would have been the meal of the tigers. Then we have, the man of the title, the "Tiger King", Joe Maldonado Passage, born Joe Schreibvogel and better known as Joe Exotic. His zoo is a kingdom with of tigers, bears, alligators and so on and a court with assistants who came out of jail or found on the street, which are also the most serious ones.
Fiercely polygamous (three husbands, two of whom simultaneously, one later suicide) and a wardrobe hardly describable, as much as his mullet. Sometimes he sings awful country songs. Sometimes he pretends to sing.
He is the protagonist of the story, directed by philanthropist, documentary maker, filmmaker Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin and produced by Netflix which here touches the most trash point of his production.
A story with a compelling narration that, although we are talking about a documentary, manages to play well with the twists.
Joe Exotic tries to make money by exploiting his animals. Tour in his zoo, videos on social media, a kind of streaming broadcast and then also an attempt to make a reality show with the director Rick Kirkham. There is a food court in his zoo, where they say he uses Wal-Mart waste (good appetite!).
Not only that, he runs for the US presidential elections, those won by Trump (and at the end he was better than Donald Trump) and then as governor of Oklahoma. Joe Exotic has a mission: destroy Carol Baskin, who is fighting for a law against the possession of exotic animals for commercial purposes and to close private zoos. A fixation so important that several times it leads him to threaten the woman, to make her videos a manifesto against her. A hatred that drains his account makes him end up on trial, also for plagiarism of the brand of Carol Baskin and above all for murder on commission.
A crime story that threatens to overshadow the true horror, that is, the exploitation of wild animals. A real suck. Puppies used as stuffed animals to entertain the paying public (people arrive to pay $ 600!) for these facilities. Tigers used for mating and sales of puppies separated from their mother shortly. And sometimes mistreated or piled up in cages or disappear into thin air. Chimpanzees rented for birthday parties and much more. A real shit, which although there is a minimum of scenic fiction, makes "Tiger King" a really annoying product. You don't know whether to feel disgusting, hate, but surely you feel compassion for those poor animals. I mean the four-legged ones. Not those with two.
Cause pandemic and obligation to stay at home "Tiger King" has become a worldwide and unexpected success, which on the one hand can induce the population to avoid the zoos but on the other hand, it can hide, as mentioned, the reality, focusing the public on the absurdity of the characters.
For the record, Carol Baskin rejects few things seen in the series. Antle and Lowe have done much the same thing. However, the creators answer to them.