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The Walking Dead - 10
It may seem strange to you, but there is a reason to watch the tenth season of "The Walking Dead". The reason is that, surprisingly, there has been an improvement over the last and boring seasons. Well ... to tell the truth more than anything else they try to improve, the attempt is honest and even if there is still an episode that could confirm, the result, I could say things improved although "The Walking Dead", renewed for the eleventh year (!), had to close at least after the fall of Negan.
What works this season is that Nicotero and associates place some twists that keep the attention high. Unveiled characters, situations reversed. The absence of Rick Grimes, balances the narrative and aside from the usual Daryl and Michonne (but the second there isn’t for a while), occasional protagonists appear here and there who, although they always feel on the right side, they give new breath. And here, the positive things end, without forgetting the usual fantastic make up and special effects. Yes, because improvement or not, "The Walking Dead", falls into the usual and boring mistakes.
Starting from the always long season, sixteen episodes, sometimes useless, cut from a mid-season and unfortunately not finished due to the pandemic. To write this post I had to reread old notes and the summaries of the episodes, to remember what happened in the long period of the airing. Other than that, we are always faced with good versus bad. On the one hand, the Alpha’s army and on the other, the good guys who try to rebuild a world, as (according to them) are right.
The villain on duty although very bad does not have a crumb of Negan's charm and it is two seasons that she and her right arm Beta, rage without reaching a solution and using the same identical way. On the bench, for a long time, a Negan is left who always has much to give and who is relegated to the cage to philosophize for the pleasure of the listener. Such a beautiful, powerful and loved character, not used at his best is a waste and who knows how at some point they realize it and it becomes a central point of everything. But it’s too late.
Do not miss the usual flare of good feelings, of tears, with the great come back of Carol back in great protagonist of many moments in which she puts everyone in danger, from which she gets along with a cry and with a "but no come on. We forgive you. We understand you, “Do not forget that there is always Judith, who sums up the "wisdom" of the father and brother, arousing a rather profound antipathy.
In short, they cry, they die as always, but important characters disappear into thin air and there is also a renewed quote from "Games of Thrones" in a battle scene, with the appropriate proportions of the case. But all in all it is better than in the past and we just have to wait for the sixteenth episode, which will be released later this year and which may slightly reconcile us with the series, whose teaser shows the return, in some way, of Maggie.