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Love Camp 

Just one of the many Liebes Lager or Love Camp, that is, those prisons with maniacal jailers and undressed prisoners. Just one of the many Women in Prison, by the couple Erwin C. Dietrich and Jesùs Franco, with the first one writing history and script, as well as producing and the second one sitting behind the camera. There is no Lina Romay and we are somewhere in South or Central America. Here, a warden, played by Muriel Montossé, kidnaps some prostitutes to keep them in her prison for recreational use by the rebels, who after the battles have some relax moments. Among these there is also Angela, the protagonist, played by Ada Tauler, who is not a prostitute and is kidnapped at home just after getting married and is, above all, an infiltrator. In prison, the very bad warden, of course a lesbian, punishes anyone who dares to rebel with death or with a whip. The others, on the other hand, are usually naked, take a shower and satisfy the rebels as mentioned. The usual nice savings in clothes budget. Angela manages to make the rebel leader fall in love, which helps her and her companions in the classic escape that can never miss in a WIP. Escape that brings us to the final twist. "Frauen im Liebeslager" or "Love Camp" of 1977, follows the canvas of the genre, changing very few things, which however all in all make it at least watchable, for avid fans of Uncle Jess . Of course, and needless to remember, the Franco of the best times appears only in a couple of scenes and nothing more. When he shoot an interrogation, framing the breast and the warden, perhaps to deny the dignity of the prisoner (I like to give this meaning but who knows) and when from an arch he shows us the medical examination of the inmates.
Famous faces of the production’s Franco / Dietrich, not certainly missing and in addition to the aforementioned Ada Tauler and Muriel Montossé, we see Monica Swinn, Esther Studer and Roman Huber.