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Bedside Head

I would like to start talking about Birte Tove who appears to us, in a very interesting way, in the first scenes. And Birte Tove, it's Birte Tove. Let me say, first of all, that I had difficulty understanding this film, not even if it was by David Lynch. The third chapter of the "Bedside Films" is a comic film so full of situations and events that it is difficult to follow with the central story, is already quite absurd on its own.
All "the fault" of a team run with Soya and Bob Ramsing who again write the script of a film directed by John Hilbard and starring the faithful Ole Søltoft, Annie Birgit Garde, Søren Strømberg. And Birte Tove, it's Birte Tove. I said, about Birte, ah, no wait ... let me say first of all that she is Line the wife of the Principal Max (Ole Søltoft), who apart from having erection problems, wants to increase his school, opening the also to women. His idea is very, very, appreciated by his students, who to raise funds, propose to transform the institute, for the summer, into a "Love Hotel". What happens next are a series of spicy events, misunderstandings, betrayals and also the students who found a chemical formula that triggers libido. A few quick nudes, a few boobs here and there, the resolution of the principal's sexual problems and the game is done, although too much to see creates a lot of confusion that weighs down the vision.
But there is Birte Tove, who appears to us in the shirt and briefs in the first scenes, and is an excellent reason to watch this film. Oh, I said this, finally.