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Torino Violenta

"For years, what was the most peaceful and kind city in Italy has been subjected to the shocks of crime and hooliganism. The mafia, juvenile delinquency, corruption upset the lives of many citizens. " It seems like a line of this film, but it is a phrase taken from a short article appeared in the newspaper "La Stampa" of the time, which criticizes the citizens of Turin, not for being violent, but for always complaining about everything and having no idea how is living in a metropolis (still true today, but it's another matter).
The capital of Piedmont, perhaps because of its way of live, has attracted more other cinematographic genres that underlined its social and esoteric characteristics, compared to the horde of iron commissioners of the hard and pure poliziottesco. Big mustaches included.
However, Carlo Ausino, an adopted citizen of Turin and little known director, thinks about giving Turin the title of violent city, after which he had already set there "La città dell’ultima paura", a post-nuke.
"Torino Violenta" is a commissioned film, a challenge taken by the director, who goes around the city to hang posters with one of the protagonists and who, with only 60 million lire, turns a bad movie, but that achieved a resounding success collecting over 1 miliardo of lire.
A success due not only to a title of sure appeal and a popular genre, but also to a broadly showing the city as it is, without giving it any particular connotations. And therefore even today "Torino Violenta" is an interesting film, a glimpse of the past. From the Ideal cinema in Corso Beccaria, which has now become a multiplex, to the Parco della Pellerina, the Galleria Subalpina, passing through the central Via Roma and the elevated Corso Grosseto now demolished. In addition, an infinity of signs taken widely to raise money, product placement, which refers to memories of past activities, such as Brero furs, with a scene set during a fashion show, the Cossolo pastry shop, a Salvarani shop, a dealer of Alfa Romeo and the Ryugi gym among the first in the city to bring martial arts. There is also the Aeroclub, that is what was the first city airport, the one that awaited the Grande Torino and which still houses small private aircraft and air activities.
Aside from the memories and snapshots of the period, "Torino Violenta" has a story that follows the manual of the genre, without however having original ideas or amusing the viewer. Among the classics violent dead, chases through the streets of the city, explosions, Ausino, creates too many situations that weigh down the story dampened by an approximate editing. However fans of the genre find everything there must be: the character with a mustache, that is, the actor Emanuel Cannarsa, another adopted Turinese who hung posters with the director and the inevitable night-time executioner. And the music by Stelvio Cipriani.
George Hilton, in the role of Commissioner Moretti, fights crime in the city which seems to be in full. The Marseillais returning to Turin and the southerners fight for the leadership, also exploiting young students drugged and forced into prostitution and doing the classic robberies.
On criminals, however, there is the figure of an unknown executioner who cleans up Turin, not caring about the law. It is the same Commissioner Moretti, who is killed by Danieli in piazza Carlo Alberto, who unmasks him.
A trash cult absolutely unmissable and that also had a sequel "Tony, l’altra faccia della Torino violenta" released only three years later and therefore did not take advantage of the success of this outsider film. Very Turinese also in this aspect.