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Cobra non è

Before saying what Cobra is or is not, it must be said that Mauro Russo is not Tarantino. None of us is Tarantino. He's not even Guy Ritchie of "Lock & Stock" or "The Snatch". He is a director at the debut in a feature film who has made several important experiences in video clips, shooting for Fedez, Club Dogo, Salmo, Marracash, Clementino, Gue Pequeno and Rocco Hunt and has a pop culture, from what we see, enviable as well as being a fan of genre cinema.
Experience in music is the positive side, the one that saves this film, which imitates too much the style and ways of the Pulp Tarantino’s and various followers.
Not very original, therefore, it also has a moment of animation in pure "Kill Bill" style and a narration that alternates with flashbacks and an endless series of funny quotes, but once again I repeat myself: it is already seen.

It will be interesting to see Russo involved with another project, another story, because originality aside the director takes advantage of his experience by creating a film that looks like a long, fast, video clip with music-filled (the title quote is only the first of the many musical and non-musical references) and with a never banal and very fascinating cinematography. Very aesthetically pleasing, it flows quickly, even if it has too much characters and events (someone could be cut) but that Russo's hand manages to make fluid and not heavy.
Ironic characters, sometimes satirical c, such as the vegan Nazi gang, well played by a young cast, embellished with various cameos by Elisa, Clementino, Max Pezzali and the revived Tonino Carotone. And by Ruggero Deodato, present behind the scenes as a consultant and director of the beautiful torture scene.
The casus belli is a mysterious briefcase that Sonny (Federico Rosati) and Cobra (Gianluca Di Gennaro already seen in "Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot" in various fiction and in the role of, O 'Zingariello in "Gomorra") respectively manager and Rapper who in past has had considerable success have to deliver to a certain Denti. The mission is a favour to the friend and criminal, Americano (Nicola Nocella, seen in various works and who steals the scene from the protagonists here, albeit for a short time), who lends them, 50,000 euros, in exchange for the favour, which will be used to hire DJ Lazy B for new album by Cobra thus convincing Demelis (Carotone), record producer to produce the rapper's new album.
While the two are at the American to take the money, criminals break in and kill the man, giving rise to a long series of events. In the search for this briefcase, end up with a gang of Rom in which there is Angela (Denise Capezza of "Baby" and Marinella of "Gomorra") is former girlfriend of Cobra, the vegan gang, a gang of robbing clowns and the same Denti , that is, a Chinese with silver teeth. A crime comedy, with a lot of action.

Originally the film was to be titled "La vita è una puttana e poi muori" inspired by a novel by Wad Caporosso, but we are still in Italy and a title like this is still too far from the canons and therefore they veered on "Cobra non è ". Change also in the distribution that due to this health emergency and the closure of cinemas, has made it preferable to switch to digital platforms starting with Amazon Prime.