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Tony, l'altra faccia di Torino Violenta

The other side of Torino violenta is a parallel story to that of "Torino Violenta", certainly not its sequel. And, in fact, we are not first of all in a pure poliziottesco, but a poliziottesco/noir, which focuses on the protagonist and tries to investigate his psychology. Then, Emanuel Cannarsa, who in "Torino Violenta", was the shoulder of Hilton, here he becomes the protagonist and is, the Tony of the title.
Carlo Ausino, returns to fathom the underworld of Turin and perhaps for the well-known subalpine understatement (I’m joking) the film comes out only three years after the unexpected success of "Torino Violenta", not exploiting the wave and clinging desperately to the title changed later, because "Tony" was the original title.
Carlo Ausino proposes the same cinema saw in "Torino Violenta" again and widely showing the city (catching money from the usual sponsors), without giving a particular colour and as said, focusing more on the psychological aspect than on the action. They shoot a little, just a little on the end and they chase even less and therefore on the adrenaline level the film leaves us unsatisfied.
But this is not the main problem, because the poverty of means which Ausino tries to buffer where he can, overcomes every honourable attempt. Furthermore, the lack of popular names (there isn’t George Hilton) and the promotion of some "Torino Violenta" performers to more central roles is not a good idea and not only from a commercial point of view, but also from the qualitative one, with wrong faces and amateur actors (one above all, the mother of the protagonist).
Tony is one who lives a very borderline life. Entangled in not really clean, jobless business, he has a few recommendable friendships. But it's a good one. One pushed to the margins by life, which retains its own code of honour. Meanwhile in Turin there is are some kidnapping, a woman and then a child, in the second one Tony tries to be a hero and recognizes one of the kidnappers. This obviously makes him fall into the vortex, on the one hand the kidnappers who want to kill him and on the other the police with the snooty commissioner Gregori who tries in every way to caught him, unlike Santini, another policeman who however shows him friendship.
In the end it is our Tony, at the cost of his life, who defeats the criminals.
The latest scenes are set in a club in Via Po, "Angelo Azzurro", which went to the headlines for a terrible case of a few years earlier. During a demonstration, a group detaches and launches Molotov into the club, allegedly guilty of being a hideout of fascists. The attack caused a victim, a student who was in the club by accident.