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White Lines

White Lines
What kind of reputation Spanish authors and directors are building in this streaming new wave is something I often ask to myself. And the answer, honestly, is not the best. At the cost of going through an old pompous person but today from Spain often come lowlife and predictable works, which today, thanks above all to "Netflix", are on devices all over the world.
I'm not just talking about Alex Pina and I don't see him as the antichrist, but surely he is, at the moment, with a rich contract with the American company in his hands, the man who is marking the productions of his country.
So waiting for "Sky Rojo" and after having "tasted" the "Casa de Papel", Pina offers us "White Lines".
A series with a title good for a drug story (but only sometimes it is), set in Ibiza, at the centre of a mega spot that magnifies the situations of wild parties but also the lesser known environmental aspects (these for old pompous person of which I belong).
Not that the Balearic island needs publicity but Pina feels compelled to underline to has that there you can have sex, take drugs, party until morning and if you are old pompous person, you also have beautiful beaches (I mark it).
A series that begins in a suggestive way, with the corpse of Axel Collins well known DJ resident in Ibiza who has been missing for twenty years and is found in a place owned by an important Ibiza family, in Almeria. His sister Zoe, who lived in the hope of finding her missing brother, leaves for the island in search of truth.
And so far so good, the crime, the various suspects, the flash backs on the life of Axel but Pina, as well as in the "Casa de Papel", inserts many soap opera moments, with family quarrels that reconcile only for business in "Beautiful" style, love stories that arise and break up and poignant moments of existential doubts. So many situations of this type, that some episodes are even superfluous. And boring.
To this must be added a large dose of sex, inserted by force and often for free, perhaps to emphasize, that in Ibiza you can fuck easily. But we know it, Pina, we know it, it has always been known, what we don't know how Axel Collins died and we would like it to be told without getting lost in other useless situations.
As said, on this case investigates Zoe, whose brother was a whole for her and his departure for Ibiza and subsequently her disappearance has generated many psychological problems for her in past years.
She enters the world of Ibiza, leaving her husband and daughter and experiencing different emotions for the first time. On his way, she meets his brother's friends who accompanied him on his adventure from Manchester to Ibiza and who witnessed the birth, coronation and decadence of a very famous DJ.
Not just them anyway, because in history there are two powerful families of Ibiza, an inevitable drug deal with Romanians and a fascinating and violent bouncer who steals Zoe's heart, before repenting everything. Both of her and of his life.
"White Lines" is a bit of a wasted opportunity, because the centre of history (that is, the story of Axel) despite some inconsistencies is interesting and partly original. The narration and the crime story work, however, really, too many superfluous things, including a kind of comic relief, make this series a summer product and a little lowlife. Gentlemen, know that there is little to do. High up your mojitos, this is Pina's world!