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Caligola: La Storia Mai Raccontata

There is a governor who continues to command between feasts, immortal statements, great works projects, calling the conspiracy against him and trying to shut up the opposition.
You will surely understand who they are ... uh .. well ... no ... not him! What do You understand? Calm down, that otherwise we close. We must say that this character is from Roman times and its history, a "never told" is part of a 1982 film of the great Joe D'Amato.
"Caligula La Storia Mai Raccontata" is an extreme "Kolossal" the most is ambitious D'Amato's movie, that here in using the name David Hills.
The warm hand of D'Amato, really good here, mix with the usual wise-like, horror and madness moments with hard, and a good acting, certainly better than many retained films.

The fact that it is "a untold story" erase the comparison with history. History that is still cited and referred
(take a look on a horse ...), of course by the way of thinking Massaccesi.
This movie had also an excellent scenic realization. Yes, here is all minimal, all low, but always credible, and it wonder how it use good the few elements available.
D'Amato is very good when he show "visions" and worries, but sometimes, to tell the truth, he exceeds too much but the whole context not clash ever.
The Englishman David Brandon, known for erotic and hard movies, plays perfectly the folly and wickedness of the emperor. As a shoulder we find an always appropriate Laura Gemser, in the role of Miriam, an actress who was a sort of D'Amato's. TWe had also her husband Gabriele Tinti, and with the watchful eye we see the director Michele Soavi, godson artistic of D'Amato.
"Caligola la storia mai raccontata" is a film hailed by critics even with pedigree, as Marco Giusti and "Nocturno" and naturally opposed, by the censors who cut the hard scenes. Same fate suffered a movie with the same subject by Tinto Brass.

The plot is quite complicated, well we try to tell it.

Emperor Caligula is an eccentric man. She loves sex and parties and he have a pretty strong cult of personality. He is tormented by nightmares and suspicions of a conspiracy that led him to delete friends and senators with extreme cruelty.
A day he raped and killed Lydia a girl who met on the beach, and her boyfriend Ezio too and then Caligola put the blame on Christians.
The senators do not believe his words and plot behind it, as slave of Egyptian origin named Miriam strongly linked to Lidia.
Meanwhile Caligula continues with its "clean" and he wants to organize a massive orgy for the nobility for raise funds for the construction of a huge temple. So his men kidnapp Vestal virgins later coached for the party. Miriam is also between then, she wants to kill Caligola during the orgy.

The party has no limits whatsoever. Sex everywhere, gladiator fights and even a scene of bestiality.
When Caligula saw Miriam, he invite her in his room. After sex, in the middle of the night, Senator Cornelius in agree with Miriam,enters the room and tries to kill the emperor but inexplicably Miriam save him by killing the attacker.
Caligola fall in love with Miriam,and wants to marry her. In the meanwhile he continues to kill the senators. Most of them impaled, others tortured or forced to kill their families.
Finally Miriam remembered her mission and her friend Lydia, she put a "truth serum" in a Caligola's drink for know all the truth about the killing of Lydia. Caligola falls into a sleep/nightmare with violent and strange visions of all its victims. He wakes up thinking still hallucinating and kill Miriam.
Realizing what he did decide to change his life. He comunicate his decision in front of the senators on a beach, but they kill him with the help of Ulmara a great roman warrior.
we already said, it's a colossal, not to be missed.